Preschool Learning Activities: Weekly Lesson Plan

Plan your PLAYFUL PRESCHOOL learning week with the amazing ideas from our fellow kids activity bloggers. I know my preschooler is going to love the trying out the fire rescue number game outside and testing the strength of corrugated cardboard bridges!!!! 
These articles were shared with us on the Educators' Spin On It Facebook Sharing Days. Stop by our Facebook Page every Wednesday and click to view posts to page on our wall.  I know I am always inspired!
Playful Preschool Weekly Lesson Plan: Learning Activities, Games, Math, Reading and more

Shoe Activities for Preschool Learning

Parents and teachers can help make every day moments, learning opportunities.  Shoes are a great springboard for many academic preschool lessons. Many of these learning activities can take place as you come home from school each day.

10 Preschool Lessons using Shoes from The Educators' Spin On It PreK Shoe Theme, preschool lessons, preschool math, hands on math, preschool literacy #Playfulpreschool

For all of these preschool learning activities, you will need a set of shoes of varying sizes, a ruler, and a globe.

Back to School Activities for School Ages

It's official it's time for school to start! 
This year we have two 8 year old's starting Third Grade at The Educators' Spin On It. 

Plus we have a.... 
The Boyarshinov Family and the Vij Family will be sharing our adventures with school this new school year on our site in the After School Linky Party for Ages 5 to 8.  We'd love for you to follow along with your child and share what you've been up to!  So far we've shared activities for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade in our After School Linky Party for you to use for enrichment with your child After School.  Here's an After School Activity List from A-Z and Planner for easy reference to use.    

What Grade is your child entering, leave us a comment below!   

Back to School Resources

Beginning of the Year Self Portrait

 The beginning of the school year is a great time to start your child's educational portfolio or time capsule.  The beginning of the school year self portrait is a MUST DO for all parents and teachers.

Using Self Portraits as a Beginning of the Year Assessment for teachers and parents.