50+ Teachers Making a Difference on Twitter

Are you a Teacher?  Are you on Twitter?  We've handpicked 50 Teachers on Twitter who are making a BIG Impact!  Are you next?

Something quite unique is happening on Twitter each Tuesday night at 9pm called #TeacherFriends Chat. I am very honored to be one of the cohosts each week.  Tonight we are celebrating ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this special Tuesday night chat that's created our very special community on Twitter. We are so thankful to all of our participants and guests this past year!

You're invited to come join the fun!

Week by week over the past year we've invited educators who are making a difference in their classroom, speaking at conferences, creating products, writing books and sharing their knowledge and talents online.  One place they are making a big impact is on TWITTER.  The topics we've discussed cover quite a few things but one thing for sure is that each night we're all learning from each other and sharing our ideas that work in the classroom. 

Here's where we store all of the chats for you to read at your convenience on Storify.  (Click here)

#TeacherFriends Twitter Chat Celebrates One Year!  

After School Activities for Kids {Week 26}

Summer can be the perfect time to start a few new science projects at home with your child.  It's a time to set back an allow time for the to explore and discover the things around them.  We have a few ideas on our site to get you started with your Summer Science Project Ideas.

Science Projects for Summer Fun at Home

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After School Activities for Kids featured at The Educators' Spin On It

After School Linky Party {Week 26} 

ABC Order with Giant Pool Noodle Alphabet Beads.

Learning letters is an important part of early childhood learning. These giant ABC beads are a great way to use your alphabet pool noodle manipulatives to extend abc play.  Children bead the alphabet pool noodles onto a string in alphabetical order.

Let your kids practice ABC order with Giant Pool Noodle Alphabet Beads. A great hands-on kids activity for teaching letter names and order.

ABC Order with Giant Pool Noodle Alphabet Beads. 

Learning Objective: Put letters into alphabetical order.

Materials Needed


How to play Pool Noodle ABC Order

1. Set the basket of pool noodle beads out with the string.  Lay the alphabet chart near the basket.
2. Sing the alphabet song with your child. Point to the letters as you sing.
3. Talk about  real life instances when you are using alphabetical order to help you complete a task. 

  • Looking up numbers in a phone book.
  • Finding a word in the dictionary.
  • Locating books in the library.
4. Search for the letters in alphabetical order.  Add them to the string together.
5. We tied the letter a on as a base so the pool noodle alphabet beads would not slide off.
6. When you finish beading the alphabet. Tie the Z.
7. Sing the alphabet one more time, pointing at the alphabet beads as you sing them.

This article is part of Craft Closet Boredom Busters Series! A collection of quick and easy projects for kids to make and do all year round using materials that you most likely have already in your craft closet!

Craft Closet Boredom Busters for Kids

Craft Rope Ornament for Kids

Beat boredom with this easy to make rope ornament craft. The kids can make it on their own in 30 minutes using materials from their craft closet. A bonus: it connects creativity and fine motor skills. There are educational spins to it too (read on!).
Craft Rope Ornament for Kids

Learning objectives: Explore crafting with a variety of materials.
Ages: 2 and up
Time Needed: 30 minutes plus another 30 or more to dry (depending on the amount of glue used.)

Rope Craft Ornament for Kids

Kiwi Gingersnap Mini Tarts | Cooking with Kids

Need a quick snack for your kids to make after school?  My grade schooler likes a snack that she can assemble on her own. These Kiwi Gingersnap Mini Tarts are easy for kids to make and pack a lot of flavor.

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Kiwi Gingersap Mini Tarts | Cooking with Kids, a flavorful after school snack

She loves kiwi, gingersnaps, and cream cheese, so this has become one of her afternoon make-it-myself go-to snacks. 

Kiwi is a fruit with a thin fuzzy brown skin and bright green insides.  The tiny black seeds are edible.  Most often, we find them in the store hard and set them on the counter to ripen.  They become soft to the touch when they are ripe.

Often, I will cut them in half and serve them as a snack with a spoon (using the outer skin as a natural bowl) Kiwifruit are also nice sliced on top of fruit pizza and can be added to a fruit salad too.  I personally am not a big fan of kiwi. (they taste to tinny to me and I'm not fond of the aftertaste) But, just because I don't like something, doesn't mean my kids wont.  We try to eat the rainbow and diversify our fruits and vegetables.  Kiwi adds in the much needed GREEN!

Warning: This recipe is PACKED with flavor. So much, that my picky preschooler won't even touch it. We have made this recipe using strawberries in place of the kiwi on top.  Another alternative is to use original graham crackers in place of the gingersnaps.

Kiwi Gingersap Mini Tarts

GIANT Color Wheel Collage | A Great Sibling Activity

I LOVE when kids are busy collaborating with each other on big projects. This particular activity encourages kids to look for colors in their papers, magazines, and craft closet materials and glue them to a GIANT color wheel collage.

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GIANT Color Wheel Collage with craft materials | A Great Sibling Activity

After School Activities for Kids {Week 25}

Summer has officially started this weekend. Are you ready for the hot sun and long days with kids during the summer? Here's some tips for Water Activities from The Educators' Spin On It

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After School Activities for Kids featured at The Educators' Spin On It

After School Linky Party {Week 23} 

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