Teach About Community Helpers with Role Playing | A #PLAYfulPreschool Lesson Plan

It is important to be involved in your community and also to teach children about the community helpers in their community

Community helpers unit plan for preschool activities | Firetruck

Parental Support Matters: Encouraging Your Kids to Follow Their Passion

By Matthew Mayers

Matthew Mayers is a recent engineering graduate of McGill University and an advocate for starting kids off with STEM activities at an early age.  We have connected online (You all know how passionate I am about STEAM) and I wanted to share his message with you.  Sometimes as parents it is hard to peek into our young child's future and remember that all these little things we do every day add up to be big things as our children become adults. Parenting with purpose truly takes on all forms and it warms my heart to see successful, well rounded college graduates ready to take on the world. This is the story of two awesome young adults who are trying to get kids (and parents) excited about STEM too with their latest project Prismland. They accredit much of their academic and professional success to the support of their parents.  Parenting with purpose makes a difference. Enjoy his article! And thank you MATT for sharing your story.  I can only imagine how proud your parents are of you! ~ Amanda

Parental Support Matters: Read how encouraging your kids to follow their passion can turn out to be a good thing.

DIY Stamps with Designs from India

The patterns and designs that come from India are eye catching.  Here's a fun way to teach your child about Art and India.  Create a stamp!  

Looking at a few Indian patterns and designs through items from India in our house we started to discover some reoccurring patterns. I had my daughter collect those items and start to make sketches on the designs. We also explored websites that featured Indian items to make it easier to create. 

Vocabulary Words Study Tips and Tricks: Acing Your Vocabulary Test

This year, my 8 year old daughter now has vocabulary words quizzes bi-weekly in her grade school classroom. As part of the reading curriculum, the students are given 15 vocabulary words and definitions to memorize.  The teacher reads the definitions out loud on Friday and the students must not only remember them by memory (no word bank) but also spell them as close to the correct spelling as possible.

Study tips for doing your best on Vocabulary Tests: How to help your grade schooler find success on Friday Vocabulary Tests (Would also work well for spelling tests!)

These vocabulary tests are a point of frustration and tears for my 3rd grade who is not a fan of them.  In all honesty, I’m not either.  I don’t think they are the best and most accurate measurement of the words and being able to use them.  I do, however, think that it is important to teach good study skills and explained to my daughter that even though we don’t like these tests, they are part of the curriculum and we need to figure out a strategy for success.

*NOTE - all schools and classrooms are different.  Make sure to stay in touch with your child's teacher to find out what assessments are taking place in your child's classroom.  We do not have spelling tests weekly, but these tips and tricks would work for spelling tests as well.

Here is what has helped her ACE the first 3 vocabulary word quizzes. 

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