Top Places to Visit in Chicago

Where to visit in Chicago? I'm sharing my top picks from this unforgettable city.  Is Chicago a place to visit with kids?  Those were the questions I was asking myself when my husband asked me if I wanted to come with him to attend the HIMSS conference this spring.  I am amazed at how many fun things there are to do in Chicago.

Chicago Attractions to See

Magnetic Cereal Box Castle Theater | A Science & Literacy Activity for Kids

The castle theme always seems to invite children to tell the best stories. Add a little science and eco crafting in and you have a Magnetic Cereal Box Castle Theater!

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Invite children to create their own stories with this Magnetic Cereal Box Castle Theater, an eco-craft that ties in science and literacy.

Magnetic Cereal Box Castle Theater

Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp 2015

Do you have a preschooler at home this summer ages 2 to 5?  Are you wondering what to do with them at home to make it memorable with tons of fun but simple too?  Plus you might be looking for a few ways to sneak in a little bit of learning too during the summer.  

I'm excited to announce that we are hosting the 3rd year of our Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp.  Are you ready to join the fun? 

Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp Registration

The Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp is 3 WEEKS of children's picture book themed activities and crafts for Ages 2-5 with ALL NEW THEMES!!!

Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp Launches June 15th!

The Virtual Book club for Kids Summer Camp sessions will officially start on Monday, June 15th.  You can sign up for the 3 camp planners and use them when you are needing ideas for summer fun, especially when older siblings are away at camp this is perfect for at home too.  You can use the activities through the summer too that works with your own schedule.  Plus be a part of our private facebook group of moms with access to your 3 Camp Directors... Kristina, Kim & Cerys! 

Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp Registration Button  
It's $10.99 for membership.
On Sale for 8.99 this week!
Click HERE to Join   

Virtual Book Club Summer Camp Membership

After School Activities for Kids {Week 16}

Sometimes parents get super busy, it happens to all of us.  This past week I was busy traveling out of town in Chicago and left my amazing inlaws in charge with our two kids. I hope you caught a few of my shares on Instagram.  My 3rd grader did a fantastic job of keeping up with things and telling me all that was going on at school and at home.  Thank goodness for facetime and google hangouts.  It made me realize that I should probably be giving her a bit more responsibilities at the house how that she's 8 and soon enough heading to 4th grade.  Here's our schedule after school but it just might be changing a bit. 

What responsibilities does your child have at home after school?

After School Activities for Kids featured at The Educators' Spin On It

After School Linky Party {Week 16} 

The Garden Classroom | Learning and Growing with Kids in the Garden

My kids adore our backyard garden.  There are so many benefits to spending the time, money, and efforts to starting a garden with young children. This newest Garden Classroom resource will amaze you with the simple, easy to prepare hands-on activities in math, science, literacy, and art that you can do with your child to help them learn and grow while spending time outdoors.

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The Garden Classroom, a hands-in-the-dirt resource for all parents and teachers who want to bring math, science, literacy, and art to the garden!

Cathy James has gifted me with this amazing resource, so that I could share it with you! THANKS! She is a hands-in-the-dirt kind of teacher that is always inspiring me to take our gardening to the next level.  

Learning and Growing with Kids in the Garden

Best Ball Books for Kids to Read

My kids love playing with balls in the backyard and reading books about them too!  In fact, I realized that my 5 year old son gravitates towards any book about balls when we are at the library. He seems to enjoy reading them, so we will keep checking them out. Connecting your child's personal interests with the books they read is one way to get and keep them excited about reading.

Best Ball Books for Kids to Read.  From beginning readers to non-fiction picture books, your sports loving kid will sure find a book that interests them!

Consider adding a few ball books to your home or school library this year! Pair a ball book (or two) with the related ball for a great learning gift for any child!

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Learn & Play Backyard Summer Camp for Kids

Are you wondering how to keep your kids busy and learning this summer?  I know I am! The summer camp fliers have started arriving, and to be honest, some of the camps look really neat. But I want my kids to play and learn together and the summer camps are organized by age. Plus, each camp costs upwards of $200 for each child each week - that's $600 per week for my family of three kids. The cost for fun and learning all summer long can add up quickly! I can't be the only one looking at summer camps and thinking the same thing! What will we do all summer long?

So, I've teamed up with some of my favorite kid bloggers to give you the resources you need to set up an excited, learning filled summer camp of your very own. That's right a summer camp for your kids in the comfort of your backyard.  No need to spend hundreds of dollars. No need to spend hours find fun, learning activities for your children.  We have it all ready to go for you.


42 Kid-approved Activities for Fun and Learning

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