The Best of Preschool Technology #STEAM #STEM

Parents and teachers are using technology in their homes and classrooms to teach young children. Often, we wonder HOW to incorporate preschool technology into every day learning.  Here is a collection of the best ideas to enrich learning:

Making the Most of Technology with your Preschooler: Education

Which activity will YOU try with your preschooler this week?

DIY FALL Color Word Book #PLAYfulpreschool Fall Color Theme

The colors of fall capture the hearts of many children (and grown ups too) There is just something magical about the season and all the fall colors.  Reds, oranges, yellows, browns, paint the trees where green used to be.  In this activity preschoolers (and grade school children) will make a flip book of fall colors while studying leaves and the trees that they come from.

Make a FALL Color Word Book for preschool and grade school learning: sight words, color words, science, fall, deciduous trees, adjictives

Fall Leaves Craft with Washi Tape

There are so many fun ways to create and learn with fall leaves.  In this activity we're using bright and colorful washi tape to create our very own leaves for decoration. A fun way to add a bit of color to your home this fall.  

Fall Leaves Craft with Washi Tape from the Educators' Spin On it

Activity: Fall Leaves with Washi Tape

Tips on Monitoring your Kids Activity on Social Media

Did you know National Cyber Security Awareness Month starts this week during the month of October? How much do you know about Online Security for your child? This is a sponsored post by , all opinions and research for this post are my own. 

I'm going to be honest, raising kids in this environment of computers, laptops, ipads, smart phones and online social media has me feeling quite anxious and feeling pulled between two extremes.  One is the connections they can bring to your family, I adore the fact that my children can be connected to family far away and close friends. The other is pure defense mama mode, as I am scared as well of the vulnerabilities it social media channels open up to my family, especially my children.  

Preparing your child for using social media platforms 

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