Simple and FUN STEAM Activities for Preschoolers

A collection of STEAM Activities resources for interacting with little kids in a simple, but meaningful way.

Simple and Fun STEAM activities for preschooler | STEM Activities for kids

Exploring India through the Front Gates

It's been quite a few years now since we've visited India.  This Diwali season is reminding me of all the festivities that happen especially at the front gate of our family's home in India. Here is a typical family's lifestyle in India including a few special events of a lifetime.  
The Front Gate in India

The Front Gate in India

Teach About Community Helpers with Role Playing | A #PLAYfulPreschool Lesson Plan

It is important to be involved in your community and also to teach children about the community helpers in their community

Community helpers unit plan for preschool activities | Firetruck

Parental Support Matters: Encouraging Your Kids to Follow Their Passion

By Matthew Mayers

Matthew Mayers is a recent engineering graduate of McGill University and an advocate for starting kids off with STEM activities at an early age.  We have connected online (You all know how passionate I am about STEAM) and I wanted to share his message with you.  Sometimes as parents it is hard to peek into our young child's future and remember that all these little things we do every day add up to be big things as our children become adults. Parenting with purpose truly takes on all forms and it warms my heart to see successful, well rounded college graduates ready to take on the world. This is the story of two awesome young adults who are trying to get kids (and parents) excited about STEM too with their latest project Prismland. They accredit much of their academic and professional success to the support of their parents.  Parenting with purpose makes a difference. Enjoy his article! And thank you MATT for sharing your story.  I can only imagine how proud your parents are of you! ~ Amanda

Parental Support Matters: Read how encouraging your kids to follow their passion can turn out to be a good thing.

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