Gifts for BIRTH day!

Our children's "birth" day is an amazingly wonderful day and deserves to be celebrated!  Sure, many families have baby showers before or even after the birth of their little ones, but what kind of gifts do you give on the ACTUAL day of birth?
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For Dad

I know this isn't "as" typical, but I always got something little for my husband to open on the day our babies were born.  Whether you go sweet and add a Willow Tree New Dad Figurine or cute and get him a Show Dad How book, I'm all for showing the Dad's how important they are.

When in doubt, a cute frame for Dad is always a good option!

For Mom

I've got through 3 labors.

Amanda less than 1 hour after an unmediated V-Bac
  • 1. Induced with an epidural.
  • 1. Emergency caesarean
  • 1. Unmediated V-Bac (see me here packing my bags for baby #3!)

Each labor was wonderful (& difficult) and each left me HUNGRY.  If Mom is allowed to eat, bring her a basket of healthy food!
My mom sent me a basket of fruit and one of these super cute ducky vases filled with flowers!  We actually used the vase for all 3 kids! It was a nice tradition!  I'm not a big jewelry person, but I've heard that women sometimes get necklaces or bracelets from their spouses too.

For Siblings

Again, these are not gifts that you HAVE to get, rather are kind of fun to have pre-wrapped and ready to go in your hospital bag.  My kids were 3 and 7 for my last birth and they enjoyed having a little big brother and big sister gift to open at the hospital. It makes them feel extra special too - especially when visitors all want to see and hold the new baby.  It was also nice for them to have something to do while the other one had a chance for some time with their new baby.

I have always included a book, because we like to celebrate almost every occasion with books.


and then something for them to do that is quiet, like a journal or a travel board game.  

For Baby:

Last, but definitely not least, is a gift for baby.  A birth is a miraculous thing.  I have always brought something handmade.  For baby #3, we worked on an owl quilt as a family and brought it to baby as his gift.  We have also given our babies hand made booties, sweaters, and knitted blankets.  When I was a little girl, my parents gave me a silver rattle.  

And, YES, we have bought one book for each baby (these are the three we bought for our kids) and wrote a letter to them on the inside cover.  The kids know "their" book by heart and we talk about how loved they are.  It is really a gift that keeps on giving.

What was your favorite "Birth" day gift ever received?

Don't forget to stop back next week to see our teacher selected, parent tested, kid approved pics for Age 1!

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Healthy Easter Egg Treat

We love cooking with kids.  It is a great way to make everyday moments, learning opportunities. Life around holidays seem to get busier for my family and I wasn't going to write about this project, but then the kids had so much fun making it and eating it that I wanted to share it with you. Hopefully, you will have the ingredients on hand and be able to make your own healthy Easter Egg treat too! 

Healthier Easter Egg Treat

Healthy Easter Egg Treat!

ANNOUNCING LOVE BOOKS Summer Exchange 2014

Love Books Summer 2014 Exchange

Would your child like to get a book and activity in the mail? (between the ages of 0-10)
Are you a blogger who likes activities that are fun AND educational?


Then this summer 2014 LOVE BOOK EXCHANGE may be for you!

This is the Educators' Spin On It's 4th Love Book Exchange and it is going to be bigger and better than ever!!!!!

So what is a LOVE BOOK Exchange?

Participants select one book and one amazing, open ended activity to go along with it, staying under $20. YES, I wrote ONE.  Just one, so make it a good one.  They take a picture of the book and activity, write WHY they chose it and e-mail it to us (theeducatorsspinonit at Don't worry, we won't spoil the surprise and post about it too soon!  They they send the book and activity to the family they were matched with and wait!  (Hopefully it's not too long!)  Soon, a book and activity kit will arrive for them. They get to OPEN AND ENJOY!!!! Shortly afterwards, a blog post goes up on the participants own blog sharing about the cool book and activity they got.  It's like an online thank you! 

Summer 2013 Participants 
Summer 2012 Participants
Spring 2012 Participants 

As a past participant,  I think that choosing, sending, getting, AND reading the blog post of our recipients were all equally fun.

One past participant writes, "This whole book/activity swap has been a ton of fun! Thank you!"

Samples to inspire you: 
A book and activity from our first every LOVE BOOK SWAP!
A kindness book and activity
2012 Package, Fancy Nancy Extraordinaire
The 2013 package "Going on a Lion Hunt" (Just remember this year is only ONE activity!)
And a collection of book and activity links here!


New book categories: Board books (0-18 months old), Picture Books, AND Chapter Books (6 years old and up)

Are you ready to join in the fun???

Applications will be accepted until spaces have been filled or April 30th, whichever occurs first.

Easter Learning Activities for Preschoolers

This week, my 4 year old and I are not just crafting for Easter, we are also learning with a bunny, carrot, and egg theme!  Hey, the kids are excited about the upcoming holiday - I'm using the excitement to teach academics.  Thematic learning makes math, science, and reading even more fun! Here are our favorites from the many that we have been doing!

Easter Activities for School Ages {After School Linky Week 15}

Looking for a few last minute ideas for Easter for your School Aged Kids? 

Our After School Linky Party has been packed full with ideas for Easter the past few weeks.  Here are a few of my favorites which include Easter learning activities, Easter Themed Science, Easter Themed Craft Ideas, Easter Themed Snacks and more!  

Let's take a peek at the 40+ Activities that you have use this week for Easter!  
40+ Easter Activities for School Ages from The Educators' Spin On It

BIRTHDAY Gift Guides

Birthday are a fun time of the year for celebrating. We are often asked what presents we recommend giving children for their birthdays. To kick off this birthday bash, we'd like to share with you... more about US!!! 

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Birthday Gift Guides for Ages 0-7

Bridging the Gap between Home and School

When I see parenting with purpose,  I want to just give the biggest ear to ear grin followed by the cheesiest thumbs up.  Yeah, I know that is a little over the top!  Instead, I invite them to write about it so that I can share it with YOU our lovely readers!  Regina is a lady I met via the famous World Wide Web and I was so impressed at her dedication to being present and active in her child's academic life, that I asked if she would be willing to share with us her top tips for getting and staying involved with her child's education.

Parenting is tough.  Going it alone with a special needs child = HUGS.  I can only imagine how difficult it could be to stay connected and participate in school events.  Although being the P.T.A. president may not be the best match for this Momma, she has found some pretty creative ways to bridge the gap between home and school. I for one, think that is pretty awesome!  ~ Amanda

parenting a special needs child as a solo parent; connecting with school

Bridging the Gap Between Home & School
by Regina Sayles at the Solo Mama Blog


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