Vocabulary Words Study Tips and Tricks: Acing Your Vocabulary Test

This year, my 8 year old daughter now has vocabulary words quizzes bi-weekly in her grade school classroom. As part of the reading curriculum, the students are given 15 vocabulary words and definitions to memorize.  The teacher reads the definitions out loud on Friday and the students must not only remember them by memory (no word bank) but also spell them as close to the correct spelling as possible.

Study tips for doing your best on Vocabulary Tests: How to help your grade schooler find success on Friday Vocabulary Tests (Would also work well for spelling tests!)

These vocabulary tests are a point of frustration and tears for my 3rd grade who is not a fan of them.  In all honesty, I’m not either.  I don’t think they are the best and most accurate measurement of the words and being able to use them.  I do, however, think that it is important to teach good study skills and explained to my daughter that even though we don’t like these tests, they are part of the curriculum and we need to figure out a strategy for success.

*NOTE - all schools and classrooms are different.  Make sure to stay in touch with your child's teacher to find out what assessments are taking place in your child's classroom.  We do not have spelling tests weekly, but these tips and tricks would work for spelling tests as well.

Here is what has helped her ACE the first 3 vocabulary word quizzes. 

Erik Litwin Author of Pete the Cat Songs and Interview

Ask author Eric Litwin a Question!  We're thrilled to welcome Pete the Cat author to town soon! Even more thrilled that he's agreed to an in person interview with The Educators' Spin On It!  Here's the best part, we're going to be asking questions from YOU! 

Litwin is the best-selling author of the first four Pete the Cat books and a singer/songwriter whose concerts to promote interactive literacy. Take a moment and ask your child what QUESTION they would ask the author Eric Litwin and let us know.  Just simple click on our google document form to add your child's question.  If they'd like to be feature feel free to include their name.  We'll ask Eric their quesiton during the interview.  For example Kim age 5 asks_______. 

Click Here to SUBMIT your QUESTIONS to Eric Litwin   

Finding Our Children's Preferred Learning Style: We All Learn Differently

We All Learn Differently: A Parenting with Purpose guest post about figuring out your child's preferred learning style and using it to make learning more enjoyable. by Dianne Miller

Finding the Learning Style for your child and use it to make learning more enjoyable

Preschool STEM Activity: Math Challenge

STEM with the creative addition of art is essential for our young learners.  The FREE STEM E-Course, challenges parents, teachers, and care-givers to include more science, technology, engineering, art, and math into every day. Join in today, with our playdough math-smash challenge!
Preschool Math Activity | Learn to count, simple addition, 3 dimensional shapes, hands-on math activities for preschoolers

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