Christmas Activities for Kids: Phonemic Awareness Busy Bag

Christmas Activities for kids can be FUN and Educational. This busy bag was made in less than 15 minutes and provided my son with a hands-on phonemic awareness activity for identifying the sounds in words. This Christmas learning activity would also work well as a literacy station in a preschool, pre-K, or kindergarten classroom.

EASY Sight Word Games

My kids LOVE running around outside and gathering acorns.  This activity combines playing outside with learning to read sight words in an easy to prepare, fun sight word game for kids.

EASY Sight Word Games for learning PLUS an additional 10 bonus activities for learning science, math, and literacy with Nuts and Seeds: A FREE PRESCHOOL Unit!

4 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

Buying gifts for a four year old is so much fun! They are picking up new skills at lightening speed, are able to tell you what interests them, and are for the most part, extremely social and enjoy the company of others.

4 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

Advocate for Public Parks and Natural Spaces #OurLand

Many city residents do not have access to a park or natural area and the spaces that are available are disappearing - fast! As a backyard gardener and HUGE advocate for getting children outside exploring their world, I am excited to partner with Trust for Public Land on their #OurLand project, helping to share our reasons and encourage others to make use of our public outdoor spaces!

A Place for Children to Explore, Advocate for Public Parks and Natural Spaces #OurLand

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