Ladybug Science Experiment

My kids love science experiments. When we saw a bag of 1,000 ladybugs at our local garden store, the kids said, "These would be great for the aphids in our garden AND, we could do a science experiment."

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Ladybug Science Experiement. Created by kids for kids. A great way to help your garden and challenge your thinking. Click to find out what color ladybugs really do prefer.

Ladybug Science Experiment 

After School Activities for Kids {Week 17}

Teacher Appreciation week is next week!  Do you have something planned for your child's teacher? Amanda shared some tips this past week on how to not forget ALL of those that work with your child during their week at school. Click here to more suggestions.  Plus now is the time to start thinking about what you are going to write in your request for next  year's teacher request.  Here's a sample placement letter request.

#ThankaTeacher Campaign

Join along with the National PTA and  and use the hashtag  #ThankATeacher and enter to win a $100 Visa Gift card for your child's teacher. Details here.

What are you  planning for teacher appreciation week with your child?

After School Activities for Kids featured at The Educators' Spin On It

After School Linky Party {Week 17

Teacher Appreciation Week Isn't Just for Homeroom Teachers

As we celebrate our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week is is important to remember the other staff in the building that makes our children's education strong as well. Here are some tips for thanking all of your non-homeroom teachers and school support staff this year.

Teacher Appreciation Week Isn't Just for Homeroom Teachers: Tips for thanking all of your non-homeroom teachers and support staff

Celebrate All Your Child's Teachers at School During Teacher Appreciation Week:

Top Places to Visit in Chicago

Where to visit in Chicago? I'm sharing my top picks from this unforgettable city.  Is Chicago a place to visit with kids?  Those were the questions I was asking myself when my husband asked me if I wanted to come with him to attend the HIMSS conference this spring.  I am amazed at how many fun things there are to do in Chicago.

Chicago Attractions to See

Driving a Mitsubishi Mirage in the Big City

Chicago can be a busy city to explore full of adventure. We explored Chicago driving a Mitsubishi Mirage which made for the perfect size car to get around the busy streets and interesting parking options. 

Test Drive of Mitsubishi Mirage in Chicago by Kim Vij

We have a senior in our house.  He's getting ready to head out on his own and we're in the process of car shopping.  One of those big parenting decisions to make it what type of car your child gets for the first time.  Drives STI reached out to us to explore the city in one of their vehicles a Mitsubishi Mirage and share about it with you

Test Drive with a Mitsubishi Mirage

Magnetic Cereal Box Castle Theater | A Science & Literacy Activity for Kids

The castle theme always seems to invite children to tell the best stories. Add a little science and eco crafting in and you have a Magnetic Cereal Box Castle Theater!

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Invite children to create their own stories with this Magnetic Cereal Box Castle Theater, an eco-craft that ties in science and literacy.

Magnetic Cereal Box Castle Theater

Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp 2015

Do you have a preschooler at home this summer ages 2 to 5?  Are you wondering what to do with them at home to make it memorable with tons of fun but simple too?  Plus you might be looking for a few ways to sneak in a little bit of learning too during the summer.  

I'm excited to announce that we are hosting the 3rd year of our Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp.  Are you ready to join the fun? 

Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp Registration

The Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp is 3 WEEKS of children's picture book themed activities and crafts for Ages 2-5 with ALL NEW THEMES!!!

Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp Launches June 15th!

The Virtual Book club for Kids Summer Camp sessions will officially start on Monday, June 15th.  You can sign up for the 3 camp planners and use them when you are needing ideas for summer fun, especially when older siblings are away at camp this is perfect for at home too.  You can use the activities through the summer too that works with your own schedule.  Plus be a part of our private facebook group of moms with access to your 3 Camp Directors... Kristina, Kim & Cerys! 

Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp Registration Button  
It's $10.99 for membership.
On Sale for 8.99 this week!
Click HERE to Join   

Virtual Book Club Summer Camp Membership

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