Selecting, Limiting, and Displaying Books for Toddlers

We all know that reading to your toddler is vital for vocabulary development, early literacy skills and bonding with care givers.  Sometimes it is easy to collect a bunch of books that just sit on your shelves.  In many instances, less books on your child’s bookshelves, means more reading.

Less Books = More Reading

Less Books = More Reading. Tips and Tricks for Selecting, Limiting, and Displaying Books for Toddlers

As a former kindergarten teacher and Reading specialist, now stay-at-home mom to three little ones, I am here today to give you some practical tips for choosing the best books for your toddler, paring down your book collection, and displaying books for the highest readability.

READ... Every Child, Every Parent, Every Day

Before elementary school. Before kindergarten. Before preschool. Children are learning. Not just learning; they are building the foundations that will support their education for years to come. Science has proved that birth to age 5 is perhaps the most important period of development in a child’s life. That’s why The Educators' Spin On It in Florida has joined the Read Aloud 15 MINUTES National Campaign. 

The Campaign wants all parents to know: If you wait, it’s too late. 

After School Activities for Kids {Week 9}

Do you find that After School Activities are a bit overwhelming this time of year?  It's a sign that it must be March!  Hello there March, how did you get her so quickly?  With our bigger kids it's even time for formalized testing to take place which cases a bit of anxieties at home and school.  

I'd love to just encourage you to slow down and READ... every child, every parent, every day.  I know it sounds simple but reading can be such a powerful way to find peace and connection with your child. Hope you're having fun this week with Read Across America and Dr. Seuss!

What's on your bookshelf this week? 

After School Activities for Kids featured at The Educators' Spin On It

After School Linky Party {Week 9} 

Top 10 Educational Products featured at EdExpo2015

Are you looking for top educational products for your school or home?  I had the chance this past weekend to attend EDExpo2015 in Atlanta.  While there I visited each of the vendors exhibits to see the largest selection of education products and resources.  Yeap, you guessed it, I was pretty much in teacher heaven.

Top 10 Educational Products and Resources for Teachers

#EDexpo2015 connected buyers and sellers to the largest and most comprehensive distribution network. It is a yearly event for members of EDMarket, focused on retailers locating items to purchase products for their local stores from the manufacturers. Plus they added special sessions for principals, school administrators and curriculum directors to the EDexpo Leadership Institute too.

Tips for Bringing More Science Into Every Day | Kids Science Activities

Fostering an interest in science is an important task for parents and teachers of young children. Today we have a guest writer, Corinne Jacob of Alternate Tutelage, a blog about exploring educational trends and holistic learning approaches, is here with us to share her tips and tricks for helping her kids love science. This post contains affiliate links to Amazon products for your convenience..

As the author of STEAM: Preschool Activities for STEM Enrichment, I am passionate about introducing and encouraging science at an early age. and think these tips are GREAT for helping bring more science into every day! Follow along with our Parenting with Purpose series for even more parenting inspiration and tips from parents around the world! ~ Amanda 

Tips for Bringing More Science Into Every Day | Kids Science Activities

101+ Easter Crafts and Easter Activities for Kids

I LOVE the bright colors of Easter!  The colors bring so much joy to our lives and remind me of new beginnings, springtime, good weather, and fun times. I have to admit, the kids and I even like walking down the isles of Target looking at all the pretty Easter decor and crafting supplies! At home my kids adore our pretend egg hunts in the weeks leading up to Easter and love crafting and learning with eggs.

The absolute, must try 101+ Easter Activities for Kids! Easter crafts, Easter snacks, Easter learning activities, Easter science and more!

Our talented friends across the web have shared so many amazing Easter Crafts and Easter Activities for Kids that we wanted to share them with you!  Pick one Easter activity or craft to do everyday, set a few up in stations around your house, or invite friends over for an Easter Playdate. Amazon affiliate links to the Easter Books are included for ease of purchase. No matter what activities you choose to do- we hope you have fun!

Here are 101+ Easter Crafts and Easter Activities for Kids

7 Sensory Activities for Easter

Activate your senses this Easter with these 7 sensory activities for kids. These would make a great sensory table for your preschool classroom or even stations for an Easter playdate with friends.  Amazon affiliate links to products. Try one a day for the next 7 days of sensory play!
7 Sensory Activities for Easter, Exploring your senses. These would make great stations for an Easter Playdate.
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