Rainbow Stew Inspired Felt Food Tutorials

Fall is Harvest time!  It the perfect time to snuggle in with a good Harvest Book and do a related activity with your children.
Felt Food Tutorials and Inspiration for Pretend Play and Learning inspired by Rainbow Stew

How Can I Participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project

If you are like me - you started to see pictures of teal pumpkins in your Facebook Feed. Wondering what it was all about - I checked more into it and said - 


The only thing that really changed this year for my house, was the addition of a teal pumpkin on my door. 

Read more to find out how you can join in!

Gifts Kids Can Make: Charm Necklaces and Bracelets

My preschooler really likes creepy, crawly insects, bugs, beetles, and snakes.  He isn't big into arts and crafts, but working with clay is SO great for strengthening fine motor and the arts encourage creativity.  This activity is a BIG hit in our household. Not only does he get to make creepy, crawly charms with clay, but he gets to give them away to his friends too! (which means we are sneaking in a bit of kindness and generosity lessons in too)

EASY DIY creepy crawly charms young kids can make as gifts  for friends

Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween Fun with Kids 

We have TONS of Halloween Ideas for Kids at +The Educators' Spin On It ! 
Here are some of my favorites as you celebrate Halloween this week with your kids. First stop by Sylvan Learning for my post I wrote with helpful ideas for teaching kids about Halloween traditions 

Halloween Activities for Kids featuring Spooky crafts and Games from The Educators' Spin On It

Halloween Activities for Kids 

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