Polar Bear Biscuits | A Kids that Cook With Books Reading and Cooking Activity

Cold weather puts me in the mood for reading and baking! Polar Bear Biscuits combines two of my favorite things to do on a chilly day in one fabulous after school learning adventure. 

Kids that cook with books is a hands-on way for parents to encourage reading and cooking (life skills and math) at home. 

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Books and Nursery Rhyme Craft for Kids #PLAYfulpreschool

Nursery rhymes are a fantastic tool for learning language, phonemic awareness, and the rhythm of words- helping to set children up for future success with reading. This twinkle, twinkle, little star lyrics and craft activity is great for children of any age - especially preschoolers!

Sure, many of us may KNOW the nursery rhymes - but are we singing them with our children?  As a kindergarten teacher, I can tell you that less than half of each class knew their nursery rhymes.  Although they are not a "common core" or "curriculum" of many schools, there are sooooo many real life cases and studies that show children who are in a language rich environment are more prepared for school. Here are a few ways to make - sing - read Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!

Books for Raising Global Kids: I See the Sun with FREE Printable #ReadYourWorld

We need diverse books in our home, school, and public libraries.  Children must be able to "see" themselves in literature and make personal connections with stories.  I am extremely excited to once again participate and assist in hosting Multicultural World Book Day, where bloggers around the world are sharing a multicultural book and activity that you can do along with the story. We received several books in the "I See the Sun" series from Satya House publishing to share with you.

I see the Sun, Books for Raising Global Kids
Author Dedie King in Russia

Celebrating Multicultural Children's Book Day

Finding books that reflect countries and religions that are different that you home language at times can be a challenge.  Have you considered purchasing a picture book about another country or perhaps another religion for you child?

I remember on my first trip to India all I wanted to do was purchase a few story books to bring back to my students that were based in India or even a traditional Indian story.  I search high and low through quite a few markets and never found then.  I was so disappointed.  Not only for me but for the publishers who weren't willing to publish books that reflected an entire nation that I didn't see in the books I was picking up an this was in the central markets of New Dehli one of the biggest cities in the world.

When I look at the book shelves in stores here it's hard to also find books that reflect various cultures and I'm sure you are concerned about this for your own child's too. It's important that traditional books our children are asked to read at school reflect diversity in the illustrations and text to reflect the modern world.

Celebrating Multicultural Children's Book Day

Valentine's Day Learning Activities For Kids to Make and Do

My 3rd grader comes home from school ready for some FUN and PLAY, plus she sees all the fun things her little brothers get to do and feels a little left out.  It seems like our schools have left all the crafting and cute projects out of the school day.  In fact, we haven't seen a holiday project come home from school since kindergarten.

Our big kids still need time to explore materials, express their creativity and  celebrate the season, so I look for activities that are fun, hands-on, have a Valentine's Day theme and still sneak a little learning in.  Here are our top picks for Valentine's Day Learning Activities for Kids to Make and Do!
Valentine's Day Activities for Kids to Make and Do: Great for after school.

 If there are any grade school teachers who still do activities with their students beyond worksheets - then these activities would work well in a classroom too!

After School Activities for Kids {Week 4}

It's hard to believe it's the last week of January!  This month has flown by at our house.  I think that we're finally getting back into the routine of things with school, homework and after school activities. What about you and your family?  Do you have anything special planned new for After School.  I've been exploring the options of signing our oldest daughter up for piano.  And then we're trying to decide between signing up for soccer or dance.  Do you have any tips for either?

The most important thing is to be sure your child is plugged into something that helps them grow and explore even it's a planned curriculum at home with you each week. Here are some  Tips for choosing an After School Program .  One big thing I've noticing is that the TV is sneaking a bit more so I'll be using this resources below to help me come up with ideas to get my kids moving after school and screen free.

After School Ideas for Kids 

In 3 years of hosting on The Educators' Spin On It we've gathered quite a bit of ideas for you in our A-Z List of After School Activities.

Last week's After School Linky Party Week 3 

After School Linky Party {Week 4} 

You're invited to share what you've been doing with your kids at home after school.  If you're a blogger link up your idea below.  If you're a parent leave us a comment below of what you've been up to or leave a picture on our facebook page!  We'd love to hear from you! Come join the FUN! 

Join 130K+ parents who follow our After School Pinterest Board for new ideas each day from top kid's activity bloggers!  

After School Activities for Kids featured Weekly at The Educators' Spin On It

After School Linky Party is hosted by

The Best Parenting Books for Expecting Parents to Read

Love to read parenting advice? Me too!  Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite books about child development, sleep, eating healthy, raising kind children, and how to get your child to listen books. There will also be our online community of Mom's best parenting books for expecting parents to read too!  This article is part of our Best Parenting Advice for New Parents Series. 
12 BEST - MUST READ parenting books for new parents. A list created by real moms!

Did I miss your favorite parenting read? Feel free to comment on this article below or join our facebook discussion on the best parenting books.

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