Learn & Play Backyard Summer Camp for Kids

Are you wondering how to keep your kids busy and learning this summer?  I know I am! The summer camp fliers have started arriving, and to be honest, some of the camps look really neat. But I want my kids to play and learn together and the summer camps are organized by age. Plus, each camp costs upwards of $200 for each child each week - that's $600 per week for my family of three kids. The cost for fun and learning all summer long can add up quickly! I can't be the only one looking at summer camps and thinking the same thing! What will we do all summer long?

So, I've teamed up with some of my favorite kid bloggers to give you the resources you need to set up an excited, learning filled summer camp of your very own. That's right a summer camp for your kids in the comfort of your backyard.  No need to spend hundreds of dollars. No need to spend hours find fun, learning activities for your children.  We have it all ready to go for you.



42 Kid-approved Activities for Fun and Learning

3 Easy Math Activities for Kids to Do with Balls

We seem to have collected a few balls over the last few years.  There are basket balls, soccer balls, playground balls, tennis balls, and even balls that change color when you throw them!  My preschooler loves playing catch, kicking, bouncing, and rolling balls.  Every once in a while during ball play, I try to sneak in some real life math lessons!

Here are just a few kids activities that we do:

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3 Easy Math Activities for Kids to Do with Balls

Chocolate Almond Layer Shortcake

Fall in love with chocolate and almonds all over again.  This chocolate dessert, layered with almond paste is just the right mix of sweet and nutty.  Drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with almonds, this dessert is sure to please a crowd!

After School Activities for Kids {Week 14}

Are you finding you're spending more time outdoors with the kids now that spring is here?  Earth Day is approaching soon on April 22nd.  Here are a few ways to celebrate the Earth and Nature with your child. 

How are you spending Earth Day with your Kids?

After School Activities for Kids featured at The Educators' Spin On It

After School Linky Party {Week 14} 

Butterfly Books for Kids

We love watching butterflies and reading books about them too!  In fact, I realized that we have over 10 books about butteries in our home library.  They are such beautiful creatures and we can't seem to get enough of them. I tuck a butterfly book into my purse for our visits to the butterfly garden.  I will gather all the butterfly books and placed in a basket next to our caterpillars when we raise butterflies. The kids will sit and read and re-read them all spring and summer! 

Consider adding a few butterfly books to your home or school library this year!

Butterfly books for Kids: Butterfly chapter books, butterfly picture books, butterfly non-fiction text

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Learning about Earth Through Play | Solar System Floor Puzzle

Earth is an abstract science idea for most young children. They are very concrete and can relate best to what they can hold, touch, and see with their very own eyes.  Earth, as a planet in the sky that we live on can be a difficult concept to grasp. This solar system floor puzzle activity helps connect them with an image, introduces math concepts and can help enrich science vocabulary.

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Pinterest Tips for Teachers

Do you use Pinterest in your classroom for educational activity ideas? Are you interested in finding out how to maximize your efforts on Pinterest?  Come join me this tonight, 4/7/15 at 9:00pm on twitter at the #TeacherFriends chat. 
This week I am honored to be the Guest!  I'll be sharing Pinterest Tips for our Teacher Friends.  Will you come join us?

Top Teachers on Twitter featured at #TeacherFriends Chat

Education on Pinterest 

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