Hunting for Sharks Teeth, A Summer Adventure

How do you keep your kids entertained and educated during the summer while staying on a budget?

Money is a big concern for many families these days, including mine.  We want to have fun and educate our children without going over our budget.  The good news is that there are AMAZING things to do with little or no money needed - like HUNT FOR SHARK TEETH!

Searching for Shark Teeth: A Family Adventure

Taking field trips are more meaningful when connected to literature and talked about before and after.  Braving someplace new with young children takes courage and often having a pep-talk from someone who has "been there and done that" can work wonders. We had been reading stories about the ocean, so I thought that searching for sharks teeth may be a good field trip to tie into this theme.  My friends had taken their kids, so I called them and asked for the best detailed description of what I needed to bring and do.

Here what I needed to know;

  • Put your kids in long sleeve pants and shirts to protect them from bug bites.
  • Wear water shoes or Crocs to protect their feet from sharp stones or glass that may be in the creek.
  • Bring sifters and something to scoop the sand.  You can bring towels and a change of clothes for afterwards.

When I asked, "How will I know if it is a shark tooth or a rock?"

I was told that I would know and that if I had to ask if it was a rock or a tooth, then it probably wasn't a tooth!

So, I called another budget friendly mom if she wanted to go on andventure - and she did!

We headed out to a local park with a shallow creek and let the kids dive in with their tools.  My one year old spent most of his time diging, while my 4 year old got the hang of sifting much faster.  It brought back memories of searching for fossils with my little brother. (You may be able to do something similar depending on where you live.)

kids searching for shark teeth

Much to my surprise, it was an extreemly fun and productive outing.  We found 5 sharks teeth, the kids had outdoor exploration time AND our learning about oceans has become real.  My daughter now wants to know if the teeth were fossils from when our state was covered with water long ago or if they have come through the streams from the ocean.  We are brainstorming a list of places and people who may know the answer to this question and thus, learning continues, all for the cost of FREE!  Can't beat that!
Shark teeth


Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

what a great outing! How cool that you found shark's teeth! I have to say that such a great experience, learning moment and all for free make this a fab activity in my mind as well! Job well done!

Thanks for sharing this on the Sunday Showcase & I hope to see you back for more fun this week!


Kelly said...

WOW! This must have been such an incredible time.
Little Wonders' Days

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