Gardening with kids, the fall gardening begins!

Kids in the garden; chores and harvest

The weather is teasing us this week with a slight drop in temperatures.  I may try to plant a few rows of cool season vegetables with the knowledge that they may not make it due to the high temperatures.  We did get a crop of beans, cucumbers, and Texas 40 peas planted and they are doing well, dispite the emptiness of our rain gauge and lack of rain.  The kids and I are trying to keep up with the watering and have been toying around the idea of an irrigation system for our gardens.  (Any thoughts or advice is welcome) We are just using the bucket and watering can system which is a great work out for me and fun "water play" for the kids, but it does get tiresome.
We are still reaping the benefits of our summer garden and harvesting peppers and eggplant.  The kids have been excited to bring extras to our elderly neighbor.  She is 87 years old and just adores my kids.  I'd like to think that our weekly visit are nourishing not only to the tummy but to the soul as well.  We bring her extra veggies from the garden, containers of something home-made, and often part of a mellon.  I try to think about what is hard for one person to make or do on their own that would be a quick meal or snack for her!

 Now, if only the kids would love to eat these eggplants as much as they love to pick them.  It is the one vegetable that I have yet to convince them is great!


  1. The veggies look yummy! Now I want some eggplant parmesan. :)

  2. Thanks Summer, I am a huge fan of Eggplant Parmesan too, the kids just think I am crazy!!! Thats ok, they can eat those banana peppers all they want =)


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