Handprint Card

Create a Handprint Card for any occasion!  We created ours for Grandparents Day but you could easily make it with your child for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday and just to say I Love You from a distance by "Blowing Kisses" through the mail. 

Here are the supplies you will need:
Cardstock in 3 colors
washable ink or paint
Here’s a cute hand print activity to do with your littlest ones for a special occasion.  Grab some scrapbook or cardstock paper, washable ink or paint, marker and a photo of your child.      

First make a hand print of your child’s hand and set aside to allow time to dry.  While you’re waiting you can cut the card to the size.  I used a size that I knew I had an envelope for 5x7.  Then once it’s dry it’s time to make a card. 
Cut the hand print out  and create a heart in the middle.  I used a whole punch to get it started.  Then take a contrasting paper and folded in half.  Glue the hand print onto this sheet, keeping one edge folded to create the card.  My folded side is located near the thumb.  Cut the outline out so it frames the hand print but make sure to keep one edge folded.  
On the inside left write your greeting, we wrote "Blowing you Kisses." Cut your child’s photograph to hide under the hand print and attach to the right side. 
Attach the folded hand card to larger card.  Then on the side write the occasion you're sending it for.  We wrote Happy Grandparent’s Day Love, (Child’s Name).  Since my little one is only 9 months old I didn't have her write but when my 5 years makes this card she will be writing the text herself and I would suggest anywhere from ages 1 years old up to have them make their own marks on the card to personalize it more for their Grandparents.  It teaches your little one the that text has meaning.  

When my Five year old got home from school she found her sisters card and had to make her own version!  Thought you might enjoy!  It's so neat to see how one project can change into many different ideas.  She chose the design and layout.  She also came up with the idea to join the two hands for other Grandparents.

For more ideas see our Hanging Photo Gift to create with your little one for Grandparents Day! 

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  1. Very Cute ...Grandparents would love the kisses and the beautiful cards :)


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