Hanging Photo Frame

You can create this Hanging Photo Frame for any occasion Grandparents Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays or just a simple thinking of you gift to send in the mail to loved ones.
Here are the supplies you'll need:
Paper or cardstock to make 8 5x7 sheets (I used 4 scrapbooking sheets) 
1 yard of coordinating ribbon
Glue Stick
Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue
2 Photos of Grandparents with kids
Stickers or Stamps

My 5 year old daughter put together this project with me to send to her Grandparents.  We chose our favorite 2 pictures from our trip to visit my parents this summer. 
Then I precut the photo mats for her out of cardstock and scrapbook paper.  The paper I cut for pictures that were 4x6 so I cut the papers 4.5x6.5 and 5x7.   Then I had my daughter use a photo safe glue stick to attach the pictures to the frames.

She then made a two more personal sections.  On one she used stickers to write Nana and Poppy and then illustrated a Family Portrait with them.  On the other section we talked about what to say and wrote it out together.  Then she copied it and wrote Happy Grandparent’s Day on it.  We then cut out a few flowers from the paper to add as accents to the paper. 

Then we cut the ribbon to hang the pictures from.  She spaced them out for me and then I hot glued it while she was cleaning up our supplies.  We put it into a large manila envelope and mailed to my parents for a cute surprise for her Grandparents!  

  Happy Grandparents Day! 

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  1. I should’ve made these decorations last year! Well, since there are still a couple of months to go, I still have time to prepare. I have to think of a better idea to make it memorable though. Maybe I’ll show them my crafts and greet them in surprise!


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