Apple Pie: Little Hands that Cook with Books

 Apple Pie Cooking Lesson

We had our first Kids Cooking Class this afternoon and we learned all about Apples!  In my cooking class I try my best to incorporate literature and print as much as I can.  Reading is a part of everyday life and it’s so easy to make it real with cooking.  I also teach science and math and art during cooking too!  That’s what makes cooking one of the best things you can do with your child! 

We read the book  The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall.  One of my favorite books to discuss apples, seasons, changes and life cycles just by the life around a simple apple tree in the backyard.  

Once we read the book I had a large sheet of paper for the chefs to decide what they thought would taste best in an apple pie.  With a little guidance, we got all of our ingredients listed. 
Then we discussed what types of cooking tools we would need to find to prepare our apple pie.  We found a bowl, spoon, child safe knife, tablespoon, teaspoon, rolling pin, pie plate and measuring cup.  I created an assorted pile of cooking terms for the girls to search through to label our items with. 
Once we established our ingredients we found the recipe with all of those terms on it and read over it together as we gathered and identified our ingredients.  Each chef was in charge of cutting their apple into small slices using a butter knife.  We talked about how to keep our fingers out of the way for knife safety.  (The riper they are the easier they are to cut for little hands.)  Then they added their ingredients based on the recipe to their diced apples and placed it into a miniature pie plate.  We baked the pies for 30 minutes. 

While we were waiting we sang a few apple songs and read another non-fiction apple book.  We discussed the different kinds of apples and we taste tested yellow, green and red apples and discussed how some are sweet and some are tart. 

We created an apple art project by creating legs and arms by folding them accordian style and then attaching them with glue.  Then they personalized their apple with a face.   

Then it was time to enjoy our finished product!  This week we will incorporate some Apple Literacy projects to inforce what we learned using the songs we learned and a child created book with sight words!  
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  1. Love, love, love these activities. I may be a little biased though =) Elly had such a fun time at your cooking class. Have I told you lately what an awesome friend you are????

  2. Thanks Amanda! I love that Elly loves food, she was the one who even recommended whip cream to go on top of our pies!

  3. I love how you labeled the tools. We talk about them when we cook sometimes. I need to make sure my son knows their names.

  4. Thanks! We're working on reading our own recipes so it's one of the beginning steps to identifying those words. My daughters loves sorting kitchen items to match the words too.

  5. I read The Apple Pie Tree for the first time this year. I saw it in the display at my son's preschool classroom. Super book for showing the seasons.

    I highly recommend the Curious Chef knives for kids. I've given them as gifts to several friends. My kids like having their own safe knife. They work really well for cutting apples (without skin of course.)

  6. Great activity - and great idea to label the cooking tools! I'm your newest follower. I also added your post to my Apple Unit Study Pinterest board: Deb @

  7. Thanks Brimful Curiosities for the suggestion for Curious Chef knives... I will have to check them out!

  8. Thanks Deb for adding us to your Apple Unit Study on pinterest and for becoming a follower. I'm just getting started on Pinterest, but it seems like a great resource.

  9. That's is too cute! I love the apple craft! I'm going pin this one! We have already finished our Apple Unit. Great idea.

  10. This is awesome- love the apple craft! Thank you for sharing this on The Sunday Showcase.

  11. what a fun cooking class! :) Love all the activities and books that you incorporate!


  12. Thanks Bern! I love trying to incooperate reading and print whenever I can to show them how it's in our every day lives... plus they learn so quickly that way.

  13. Cute! We just finished How to Make an Apple Pie and see the world. Apples are a lot of fun & I LOVE activties inspired by books. I would love for you to link up at

  14. Thanks Beth! I just joined your party now! You now have a new follower too, I love your blog!

  15. Thanks Kim =-) I so love finding new blogs to inspire me!!

  16. Such a cute lesson idea and a good way to involve kids in baking too :) Stopping by from the Living Life Intentionally link-up!

  17. Great explanation, thanks for the posting!
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  18. I love your Little Hands that Cook series! Thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase - featured this on this week's linky.


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