Tot School - Apple Learning Activities and FUN 21 months

Apple can be a fun way to welcome the Fall with your Toddler!  Here are a few Apple Themed Activities to help promote fine motor skills, sorting skills, Literacy skills and creativity with your Toddler.
Apple Themed Tot School Ideas from The Educators' Spin On It

Developing Fine Motor Skills:  

This week, I pasted an apple on a shoe box and punched some holes in the top for noodles to fit through. (top right picture) Who knew something so simple and inexpensive could be so entertaining!!!

Transferring and Early Math Skills

Another hit from the week was our apple pom-poms.  I forgot to bring the tongs to our park play date, so the activity changed a bit and the kids sorted by colors and made patterns with their fingers. I made a sight word memory game for my after-schooler so she could be part of the apple fun too!

Creative Exploration:

Again, I braved putting out a sensory bin.  Someday, it will go as planned.  Until then, he had a BLAST dumping, picking up, dumping, picking up with his toes, and dumping some more!

Literature Connections

We also read LOTS and LOTS of apple books.  This one is a new one from our September Scholastic order and I really enjoyed reading it with my kids.  It was a great story for teaching them that you do not always win and that even if you do not win, you can still be a big part of the fun!  Reading a book over and over again each day helps our youngest readers develop a familiarity with text. It also lets them interact with a book on more levels. We will get tired of the story long before they do. Repetitive reading is a good thing.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

This looks like a great book! I love the exploring your son did!

Ludicrous Mama said...

How fun! What great activity ideas! I found a cheap (ie: someone gave it to me) sturdy vinyl or plastic tablecloth that I make her keep the sensory tub on (even though it's garish and bright and covered with Santas. If we're not working with wet stuff or paint, I flip it and keep the ugly-side down.) That way I can easily bundle up the tarp and pour the beans or beads or whatever back into the tub after. :)

Lovingmama said...

Thanks JDaniel4's Mom! and Ludicrous Mama, the table cloth is a good idea. I have tried containing the sensory tub on a blanket, but my little one has different ideas. He does not like a contained mess =) It is just so much fun to watch him explore though that it makes it worth picking it up together a million times!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

It's definitely and apple time of year!

Lovingmama said...

An Almost Unschooling Mom - it is apple time!!! just wish our weather would reflect my sentiments. I think I could do a million things with apples and still love them =)

Joleen Pete said...

Fantastic ideas! It looks like our sons are the same age too!! Mine turns 2 on Thanksgiving this year. :) I'm glad I found you through the Tot School link up.

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