Tot School - Outdoor Music and More!

There is something powerful about the sounds of children making music.  I don't remember where I first read about creating a natural playscape and using music, but I do remember from the first moment I read about it,  that I wanted to have a place for my children to make music outside.  For the price of a bag of bells and some yarn, we now have a bell bush, that my 5 year old has named "The Fairy Bush."  We have had the Fairy Bush in our yard for almost a year now and I am surprised at how often it is rung!  My 22 month old is now a big fan and makes a point of shaking the branches and pulling the bells every morning.  Even our dog joins in the fun and shakes it. 
Here is a quick mini-tour of this area if you wanted to see more!
As these next two weeks are big gardening weeks, we have spent much of our learning time outdoors.  Nichols is now an expert planter. He grabs a handful of seeds and flings them, then throws some dirt around (sometimes close to the seeds), fill a bucket of water and splashes in it!  Ok, so he is not the greatest of gardeners, but sure has a blast doing it!
 We were able to visit a local butterfly farm for their first annual Monarch Festival this week.  Nicholas uses the Russian word, "babichka" for them and it is SO cute!  We also have caterpillars in our yard that he loves to watch.
 We are still reading our farm books, doing puzzles, and singing the classic farm songs this week.  I didn't post pictures, but you are welcome to stop back here.  He has really been working on jumping off of and trying to balance on our outdoor logs - so his gross motor and balance has improved a lot this week.  I would have to say that the three vocabulary words he has solidified in his speaking vocabulary and understanding of is 1. Dump 2. Fill and 3. Clean 
Tot School


April's Homemaking said...

I love your outdoor play space, the fairy tree is a wonderful idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog- to answer your question about the bread- I get it to brown evenly like that by brushing on an egg wash made from 1 beaten egg and a tablespoon or two of water. I use a silicone pastry brushes, they work great. I enjoyed reading your post- loved the "stage" as well :) ~April

Erin said...

I love your outdoor music space!! I think my kids would love it too!

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