Kids in the garden - Growing Peas (Texas 40)

New this year - cow peas

Each year I challenge our family to choose a new vegetable to plant in our garden.  Someone recommended that I try Texas 40 peas.  Knowing NOTHING about them, I planted a short row. 
This Southern Style Cowpea only does well in warm weather and is drought tolerant – so if I don’t get to watering, all is still good.   They grew well, so tall in fact, that I needed to add some string support.  Then, the aphids came in droves.  I don’t use sprays on anything except fire ants, so had to resort to wiping the aphids off with a wash cloth (yuck)  I don’t think a soapy water bath would have done anything at all.  It reminded me a bit like wiping dirty diapers – was I really doing this for peas???  Then the ladybugs came to the rescue and life was better.

2 ½ months after planting, they had some peas ready to harvest and they were totally worth it!  What fun it was to open them up and eat the peas!  They are a light greed colored, mild, even sweet pea.  Even my 1 year old was eating them and begging for more!  Gardening has been such a great influence on my children’s eating habits. Check out this video if you want to see the plants and my one year old's opinion on them!
I also have a greater appreciation for all the hard work and time it takes to fill a bag of shelled southern peas.  No wonder they are so expensive at the farmers markets!
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  1. I bet this felt rewarding! We didn't grow any veggies this year, but did a sensory garden and grew lots of herbs. The kids loved going out to pick for me at dinnertime.

  2. Peas are my favorite plant to grow in our garden. And ladybugs are awesome garden helpers!

  3. Love that you did this video! And Love that your little guy is loving peas!


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