Spider Shirt!

Make your kids yourself a shirt for the fall.

If you haven't stopped by to see Pink and Green Mama's art projects for littles, I highly recommend it!  Her art projects are fantastic and the pictures are beautiful.  I was so inspired by her yesterday post Spider Web Halloween Shirt  that I went to work right away!

Last week I had bought some inexpensive solid color shirts for making holiday outfits, but hadn't decided what to do for October.  This looked easy, creative, and something I could make for less than $2.00! It also connected really well with this weeks cooking class at Kim's house with Spider Meatballs.   Am I going to have another unplanned amazingly connected learning week this month??? I didn't have a bleach pen like she did.  Hmmmm... would outdoor bleach work applying it with a q-tip?  It is the only thing I had available.  Sure enough, in just seconds, I could see the colors changing.  I let it sit for about a minute and rinsed it out several times with soapy water and hung it up to dry.  Then, only because when I looked at the time I realized that 7 minutes after reading her post I had a cute October shirt for my 5 year old, I just had to write a comment.  I was so excited that she responded back!

"@ Loving Mama -- How funny are you? I love it, I do that all the time, see a fun project, drop everything I'm doing and make it right away. The Q-Tip is a great idea! xoxo Fondly, Pink and Green Mama MaryLea"

So to answer your question... VERY FUNNY =)  I just LOVED your project!  

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Bobbie Jo said...

love this. I did something kind of similar with bleach here

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