Tot School At the Beach

Beach Days with idea suggestions for parents

If you have ever traveled with an opinionated toddler - you would know that keeping your home routines while away from home keeps everything a little saner.  It does help if you bring a dump truck along too!

  • We have been doing tot-school on the beach, focusing on living and nonliving, sorting and counting shells, rhyming words and actions.
  • We have been digging with shovels, plastic cups, and our bare hands and enjoying every minute of it!  I think we spent at least 5 hours at the beach today (avoiding from 11-4 when the sun is high
  • We have danced to the sun rise & collected shells

  • Plus we even played games of Fox and Geese.  What is this you ask?

It is a game that my mom used to play with her family when they were kids.  You make a path (this was ours one morning) and one part is the goose's home which is a safe place (this didn't show well in the picture but is a small circle in the far back) Only one goose can be in the home at the same time.  The game works like tag with the fox being the one chasing the geese, only, both the geese and the fox must stay on the path.  We play that the geese must freeze and flap their wings until all the geese have been caught.  (Can you picture us all on the beach flapping and honking? - Yes, that was MY family!)  My son thought the whole thing was HILARIOUS and tried very hard to stay on the path.  It was really cute!

We decided we really should call it sharks and fish as we were playing by the beach, but then your couldn't honk and flap!  Last, but not least, I have no idea who originally sings this or where I learned it, but it is a favorite of mine to sing at the beach.

Sea shell,sea shell
Sing a song for me
Sing about the ocean
Tell me about the sea.

Sea shell,sea shell,
When I hold you near
I can hear the ocean
Whispering to my ear.

My son just hums along with us as we sing it.  Maybe one day he will be interested in learning the words =)

I hope all of your weeks were as relaxing and full of joy as ours was!


Raising a Happy Child said...

It looks like a wonderful place to be!

andthatsfamily said...

I love the fox and geese game! I want to go try it! haha
It sounds like you had a fun time at the beach.

Lovingmama said...

Thanks! It was a fun week. andthatsfamily - my family played fox and geese in the grass growing up. My parents would mow a path in the long grass and it is just as much fun!

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