Owl T-Shirt Tutorial

An Easy Craft for Parents WHOOO love OWLS!!!

We made Owl T-Shirts together with my daughter's friends. They were our craft during cooking class when we made Owl  Pizzas. I know you're little one will enjoy making their own Owl T-Shirt. It's so easy to make!

First I ironed Fusible Webbing onto the back of my fabric to adhere the pieces onto the fabric. Then I traced my owl shape on the paper backing and cut out the owl. With the leftover fabric I also cut out eyes, beak, and legs of the owl. Then I ironed the owl shape onto the shirt
Now it was time for the girls to make their own Owl creations. I had the girls glue on their pieces (eyes, beak and legs)where they wanted them to be. Then we ironed on the pieces for them.
 As soon as it was cool they choose a color to match the fabric and we painted their hands and created Handprints for the Owls wings. I turned the tshirt upside down so that the wings would point towards the ground. Then I outlined the handprint with the same color paint for more definition and waited for the paint to dry completely overnight.
 Then it was sewing time, I quickly used the zig zag stitch and sewed around the owl, eyes, beak and legs to create more of a shape for the Owl and to keep the fabric on the T-shirt.

The girls were so excited to wear their Owl T-shirts that they created! Here's a fun way we used this same project to create Owl Handprint Cards for others. 

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