Tot School Fall Painting - A toddler Masterpiece

Painting with a Toddler:

Toddlers are great at running and climbing.  They love to explore the world and find out how things move.  They need to make and create things with their hands, but are not quite ready for "crafts" in the traditional sense.  1 and 2 year olds needs open ended art projects that allow them to experiment with different colors and textures.  The focus on art at this age should really be on the process and not the product.  But, if you are like me and like to display your child's art, there are only so many pages of scribbles that one refrigerator door can hold.  So, we have begun creating Toddler Masterpieces to display above our fireplace!

The supplies you will need depend on the mediums you choose to use.  I bought a stack of 5 canvases, so that I will have some on hand.  This month, I needed leaves, acrylic paint, and paint brushes in addition to the canvas. 

Although I have an idea of what the finished project "could" look like, I will follow my child's lead and let him create!  For October and November, I wanted something fallish and decided to paint with leaves.  The night before, I prepared for this activity by painting the canvas a fall yellow/orange.  Before starting to paint with him, I try to make sure everything I need is within my reach.  A wet washcloth or wipes nearby could be helpful too!  During the activity, I try to remember and talk to him about colors and the process.  Looking back, I could have used some science vocabulary like "stem" to enhance the learning even further.  I consider art time as part of our "tot-school" curriculum.

When it is done, I proudly displayed his toddler masterpiece above the fireplace.  My tot saw it as soon as he got up from nap and pointed at it said, "mine" with a smile. 
Yes, baby, it is yours.  You painted it and I am proud of you!


Little Wonders' Days said...

Great idea. I bet this does make him feel very special.

andthatsfamily said...

I love the video. It reminds me so much of paiting with my little girl. We did the same activity, just on paper last week! She is 2 and a bit so was able to stamp the leaves down a bit more on her own. I love your little guys enthusiasm!

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