Amanda's Favorite "Spin On" Things by Kim in 2011

Awe - Kim, thanks for such kind words.  What an act to follow!  I have enjoyed getting our feet wet this fall in public blogging with you and look forward to 2012!

I love how I can always call you and talk about our kids, how we can foster a love of learning and what we can do to be better parents (and people for that matter).  In a busy, crazy world, it is so nice to have a friend that loves being a parent and truly parents with purpose! I am blessed to have you in my life and look forward to another year of friendship!

Here are my Favorite Picks from Kim's Spin On things in 2011.

I really enjoy learning more about your families cultures and traditions.  Learning about others and teaching my kids help create globally conscious children! Your post not only taught me something, but also gave me great ideas on how I could teach my children about the celebration of Diwali

Speaking of raising globally conscious children - this post represents how much I love your Little Hands that Cook with Books Series.  Using stories that represent other cultures and tying them into authentic learning experiences in the kitchen is an amazing feat.  It combines so many things that we are passionate about. 
Another Little Hands that Cook with Books favorite of mine to read, make, and eat were the owl pizzas!
Last, but not least, I have really enjoyed watching our kindergarteners' grow as writers as well as readers.  Your posts about ways to encourage writing using stickers and playtime as inspiration, reminded me of simple ways that I could continue to liven up writing in our household.  The goal for me is to spend time writing every day with both of my kids, as reading and writing are so connected.   These are great ideas of ways that I can keep my kindergartener writing and make it meaningful!

My blogging goals for the New Year!
1. Continue to bring you gardening, cooking, crafting, reading, and bilingual activities that you can do  with your children to enrich their lives.
2. Develop and offer our resources on Teachers Notebook.
3. Build our Educators' Spin On it Community through Followers and Guest Posters
4. Have Fun

Stay Tuned for
* Kids Literacy Interview
* Information on Blog Books
* LOVE BOOKS activity and book swap


  1. Sounds like a great plan - I am looking forward to it!

  2. Hi! Thank you for joining in the Best of 2011 Blog Hop. We celebrated Diwali with the kids last year too - they would love to wear that gorgeous outfit! Look forward to reading more of your posts in 2012.

  3. Amanda, so neat to meet another Indian/American family. There are not too many of us out there. :) I am American and my husband is from India. We made mandalas out of Indian grains and proteins this past Diwali, and I helped her preschool teachers develop some centers for their class.

    Thank you for participating in the Best of 2011 Blog Hop! Happy New Year!

  4. Rebekah so glad that you stopped by! I'd love to hear more about the centers you helped develop for Diwali. My husband is from India too and it's always a challage to help our children learn about her Indian Heritage.

  5. Thanks Cathy! So glad to see so many learning about other cultures. We love your blog!

  6. That owl pizza is fantastic! How fun, must try it for our next pizza playdate!


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