DIY Handmade Gifts for toddlers are as easy as 123!

Handmade gifts can be as easy as 1-2-3!  To keep costs to a minimum try to make projects using the materials you already have on hand.

 Handmade Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers from The Educators' Spin On It

Handmade Gift Ideas for Kids 

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 For a sweet little toddler in our life, we decided to make a basket of sweets!  Although hand-made felt food is cute all by itself, what toddler doesn't love a basket or bag with handles to put things in and out of and drag around?  And what parent doesn't like a gift that comes with an organization built in?  I know I sure do!

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Make a Fabric Bowl Gift

The fabric bowl was first. I bought fabric in 2 colors that matched her bedroom colors and then added in some scraps from my own stash to make this soft fabric basket with handles.  There is no need to make a tutorial because my friend Vanessa over at the Crafty Gemini already rocked this project with an easy how-to video. She uses the thicker cording.  I use the medium weight one and have found it was much cheaper at Walmart in the clothes-line section than JoAnn's.

pretend food, felt food

Create Fabric Foods 

I then started on making the cupcakes!  I thought I had a pre-made pattern on hand, but couldn't find it and just made my own.  Add a few donuts and cookies and you are all set for a bakery or cooking playtime!  Felt food is great for parents on a budget, but my warning is that it does take a LOT of time to make each piece.  I can hand sew in the car and took these on trips to finish them.

Here are some Felt Pretend Food Patterns and Tutorials:

felt food, fabric letters, hand made gift set

Learning with Play 

Now, I know pretend play is SO beneficial to young children, but I like to add a twist to kids play so that they are exposed to letters and number concepts from an early age.  Fabric numbers and letters have been around on many blogs like From the Hive, Happy Together and Counting Coconuts. I just sewed a white fleece between 2 cotton layers, top stitched them together and used my pinking sheers to keep them from fraying.  You could spell out the little ones name for another idea.  I wanted her to be able to put the numbers out and match a sweet to a number for practice in 1:1 correspondence and beginning number sense. So there are 9 sweets (The cupcake I was finished on the way to her house is not pictured) and the numbers 1-9.

sewing set for kids, felt food, felt cookies, home made gifts for kids

Crossing my fingers she loves them!


Little Wonders' Days said...

These are very pretty! You did a beautiful job. I'm sure they will be enjoyed.

Amanda said...

Awe - thanks! The little one I made this for is very dear to our hearts! I don't think anything I could make would match her sweetness!

Kim@the educators spin on it said...

THank you do much for this adorable gift of sweets. She loves them and big sister loves them too! You are so sweet to make all of this for her and they will be treasured always.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

What a fun gift! I'm sure she'll love it!

Rachael Rabbit said...

This is wonderful. I am so glad to have a link on such a wonderful blog. I shall be visiting lots now.

Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

My kids love felt food. You did a great job with yours!

Laura @Art For Little Hands said...

Super cute! I could never do that. Wish I could. So sorry for the late reply. I am behind on everything. I am so glad you shared last week on Monday Madness.

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