New Year Day Celebrations at Amanda's House

We love New Year's Eve, but like to keep many of our family celebrations low key.  My favorite was last year when we were visiting my parents.  Elly requested to hang up a sign, so they hung up "Happy Retirement,"  a left over from my uncles celebration.  Gone is the last year - new things to come!  Just looking back at the photos make me smile!  Everyone laughed so hard during the decorating and we still say, "Happy Retirement," instead of Happy New Year as a family joke!  Sometimes it is the simple celebrations that end up being the most meaningful!  With all the adorable projects on the Internet, sometimes it is hard to remember that our kids just need us to enjoy the moment with them and not to stress about the little details. 
In the past, we have made brownies and frosted a clock with the hands at midnight.  12 cupcakes in a circle would be cute too! I've also made our bread sticks into the shape of  numbers in the new year.  I try to just make do with what we have!
Our friends are hosting a "Countdown to Noon" for the kids play date at the park, so the kids can ring in the noon-year with their friends.  We are all bringing one craft, snack, book, or activity to share that allows all of us to  keep with the "LOW STRESS" theme!  I saw this pinterst post and made a 2012, what I have on hand version of it.  Here is the template if you want to make one this weekend.

Last, but not least, I've always loved the pictures of kids that are in the same place at different times throughout the year.  I am not the best photographer, but would like to keep up with my yearly every other year photo opportunity on New Year's Day.  For some reason, I do think that I took one last year, but cannot find it =)  My hope is that we will someday be able to look back on our family photos taken on New Years Day and remember all the good times we had together! For the last 6 or 7 years, we take a family walk together and talk about our year goals as a family on New Years Day. I am a bit of a traditionalist and am trying create healthy versions of our "new" family traditions.
I'd love to say I have all these great things planned for this weekend, but we are just planning on blowing up a few balloons, having a huge sea food dinner and toasting to our good health, happiness, and prosperity. I'd love to get our 2012 picture taken and our nice New Year's Day stroll done too. 
I'm hoping that no matter how big or small your planned celebration is, that you are able to enjoy your friends and family too!


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

LOVE the number photo to mark the new year!

Robyn said...

What a great message! I completely agree creating meaningful moments with your loved ones is the most important thing- what a great message to bring in the new year. We had a busy fun cousin filled day yesterday but my favorite moment was laying in bed with my boys creating resolutions :). Happy New Years Day!

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