Time to Shop for School Supplies for home

If you didn't grab supplies during the summer sales then now is the time to shop for school supplies, a few weeks after school starts. The stores are starting to make room for Halloween stuff, I know hard to believe it's already here.  My favorite spot, Target, has just marked down a large portion of their supplies 50% off and I'm sure they will go to 75% soon if there are any left.  I'm sure other products will be added soon. 

If you haven't made a Teacher Supply Box like I posted here, but are still interested, now is a great time to gather your supplies.

During my shopping trip I grabbed a bunch of Colored Construction Paper, White Construction Paper and Drawing Paper for making crafts with my girls throughout the year.  I also found a large pencil box to create our Homework Station for my Kindergartner.  Plan to post more about her Homework Station in my next post. I found some School stickers to donate to my daughter's classroom too.  They even had some cute die cute letters I plan to use to help my little one with her sight words this year. 

Teacher Tip...
I always grab a few extra boxes of crayons, markers, pencils and glue during the sales to keep on supply at home throughout the year.

Here is a super cute unit on School Supplies to do with your little ones. 

2 Teacing Mommies
School Supplies Preschool Unit at 2 teachingmommies.com

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First Day of School Magic Dust

As you prepare for your child to go to school for the very first time it can be very exciting but it’s also an anxious time for both parents and your little ones.  It’s a great opportunity to talk about feelings and what we do when we feel a certain way.

First Day of School Poem and Back to school Resources with Printable

First Day of School Tips 

My daughter and I talked about school a lot this summer to help prepare her for her Kindergarten experience.  We made a special Going to SchoolBook by writing the text together about different parts of a school day and illustrating it together.  You can print your own {HERE}

To help make this transition go smoothly my daughter received a special First Day of School Poem from her teacher that was so precious I wanted to share with you.  She was so excited about putting her magic dust from her teacher under her pillow all week long that we even had to make a special Count Down to School for the First Day of School. 

Here a PRINTABLE Version of the First Day of School Poem

Here are the directions

First Day of School Tips 

Checkout this video for tips about the First Day of School Reading and my daughter reading the poem the night before school started.  

Book Recommendations for Preparing for the First Day of School

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Hope this helps your little one feel confident as they begin their school experience. Talking about the experience and sharing it through books and role play can help to make the transition easier for everyone.  

Websites for Ideas for Back to School Fairies

What are you going to do at your house to get ready for the First Day Of School?

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Sewing with young kids

I love to sew!  Forget Naptime crafts...sewing, baking, and gardening are all a close tie for my all time favorite activities to do with kids.  They learn SO much by measuring, pinning, and choosing fabrics with me.  We have LOTS of friends having babies this and next month, so we are busy making gifties like these! I like to combine some home-made with some store-bought to round out our gifts!
My projects may not be the cutest or the most perfect, but they are definately made with love!  My 5 year old is now sewing her own creations and only needs me to help thread and tie her needle and thread.  She will not only help me, but is at the stage to work alongside me on her own projects.  My one year old on the other hand, has just started to "help."  Here are some things that the kids can do.
For a 1 year old
  1. Help to choose the fabrics and lay them flat before cutting.
  2. Help pin the pieces together.  Most often they end up perpendicular, but will get better with practice
  3. Sit on my lap and help me guide the fabric as I sew.
  4. Take the pins out after I am done sewing
  5. Fluff, stuff, or shake depending on the project.
For a 5 year old
All of the above and...
  1. Select their own projects to make
  2. Assist in reading the directions prior to begining
  3. Cut out the pattern (this paper is tough, but if you go slow it is not too hard)
  4. Cut the fabric after the pattern has been pinned on.
  5. Cut ribbon to a specific length.
  6. Place embelishments on in the correct place
  7. Turn projects inside-out if needed
  8. Sew on buttons
I have figured out that sewing with kids takes an extra amount of time and patience, so I try to limit myself to cute, fun, and simple projects.  The 10 " taggie is a favorite of mine to make and my 5 year old can do over 75% of the tasks needed to make it.  I usually choose a cotton for one side and a texture fabric for the other.  All my ribbon taggies have been stitched over a minimum of 3 times.  We have also adapted the new Simplicity Gator Bib pattern to be more baby friendly (who designs bibs for babies with buttons???) and think they are a great addition! 

Meet the Teacher Tips for Parents

Meet the teacher is a great event to calm the nerves of both parent and child.  It is a chance to peek into your child's classroom, meet other families who will be in class with your child, preview the curriculum and say hi to the teacher.  

 Meet the Teacher Tips for Parents of Elementary School Students

Welcome Banner for Grandparents

We are so lucky to have family that lives in India. My 5 year old daughter was so excited about her grandparents’ arrival this summer. In order to accommodate them we had to move things around and change our house a bit due to our little one’s arrival. To help ease any anxieties about this change and prepare her, I encouraged my daughter to make something for her Grandparents. (Also Mommy needed a little extra time to get the house ready.) We talked about what would be a good way to make them feel loved we they arrived. She said she wanted to make a sign for them. So we figured out how many papers we needed and I gave her the materials and let her be creative. She copied the text from an index card with the word Welcome that we sounded out together.
Teacher's Spin… stamping and whole punching is great for fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.
 After she wrote all the letters I gave her a box of stamps and glitter glue and told her to decorate each letter for the banner.
She had so much fun coming up with her own designs.

Then she used the whole punch to make the wholes and string the ribbon through. She got the tape out and asked me to help her hang it onto the fireplace.
Once we hung it up she thought about making a picture for their new bedroom door and front door. She was so proud of her work and her grandparents loved them so much they’ve left them up for quite sometime. What a special way to be greeted by your grandchildren and to teach your children that text has meaning.

Update! Look what her grandparents made for her upon our arrival from vacation.
She was so excited!
You could easily adapt this project for any special occasion in your family from Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Little Brother or Sister's Arrival and even the First Day of School! 

EASY D.I.Y Wall Art for Babies and Toddlers

The book, "It's Not My Truck," is one of my son's favorite books.  We have many in the series of squishy, textured toddler books, but this one gets read almost daily. 

We used this as inspiration for my son's room and for less than $4.00 we had 2 new pictures for his walls. 

To make both pictures,  I bought red and blue acrylic paint for the background at $1.00 each.  Then I bought 2 red, 2 yellow, 1 black and 1 red tag board when they were on sale for 5 for $1.00.  I free handed the trucks from looking at the book, outlines them with a black sharpie and glued them on with regular school glue.  The kids even helped cut and paste.  I wanted to add texture like the book, so I accordion folded a rectangle so the dumper is ridgy.  I was excited at how fast it was to make them and how cute they turned out! This would be a great addition to any baby or toddler room and a fantastic way to make early connections to literature!

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