100th Day of School Activities

We're approaching the 100th Day of Kindergarten with our children, or as I like to say 100 Days Smarter!  We did a few activities to learn about 100 and thought we'd share.  I love these ideas because they teach multiple concepts in one. We enjoy providing learning opportunities and projects for our children afterschool and/or on the weekends with our 5 year olds.  Because our time is limited, it's great when we can tie in multiple concepts into a project to help save on time and most importantly to make it more meaningful.  Here are a few activities that we created that relate to our 100th day of school that we're celebrating this week but also ties in  Valentine's Day, Random Acts of Kindness, plus teaching Math and Reading. 

100 Day of School Activities with Seeds for Winter Birds and Stamp Activity from the Educators' spin On It

Bird Seed Heart

We found a special Valentine's Day Poem and thought it would be nice to give the birds their very own Valentine.  We've been working on Random Acts of Kindness the past month.  We printed out the poem for our wall to memorize and then created our Bird Seed Heart.  

Here's the Valentine's Day Poem


I gave a hundred Valentines.
A hundred, did I say?
I gave a thousand Valentines
one cold and wintry day.
I didn't put my name on them
or any other words,
because my Valentines were seeds
for February birds.

Aileen Fisher

Make your Own Bird Seed Heart 

Peanut Butter
Bird seeds
Black Sunflower Seeds
Heart cutout

Draw a heart onto cardboard and cut out.  Create a hole at the top to attach the string from at the end of the process.  Then generously spread peanut butter onto the cut out heart cardboard.  To create our Bird Seed Heart we collected 100 Black Sunflower Seeds to line the outside and then sprinkled our"1000" seeds in the middle on the front.  Make sure you press the seeds down so they done fall off when you pick them up.  Then insert the string into the whole.  Hang outside and observe.  Hang up the Poem somewhere on your fridge to remember the special poem.  

100th Day of School Sign

Grab 10 Stamps and 10 Paper Strips and get stamping to 100!

You can use themed stamps to create many different crafts! 
We'll be making Valentine Cards, Family Mailbox and Valentine Patterns with these too! 

We worked on learning the concept of 100 by grouping things into groups of 10.  I had my daughter choose 10 different stamps and then she stamped them on 10 strips of paper to make a paper chain.  We practiced counting by ones and by tens to 100 as we created it and using the 100 Number Chart. 

100 Day of School Activities with Seeds for Winter Birds and Stamp Activity from the Educators' spin On It

Here's our finished project, she couldn't wait to hang it up. On the back we have Happy Valentine's Day too! 

100 Day of School Activities frrom Educators' spin On It

Making 100 using Base Ten Blocks

Base ten blocks are cool to begin with and a great way to show numbers in a concrete way!  At our house, we have been working on building numbers from 0-100!  I've been trying to use our light box more and this was the perfect actvity.  We found a set of transparent pink and blue base ten blocks at a garage sale last year and were able to see them very clearly with our light box.  These are great because they connect together and form a 100 block, which we can stack on top of the pre-made hundred block to compare and then to count by 100's.  Isn't math just exciting

100 Day of School Activities frrom Educators' spin On It

100th Day of School Books 

We had to read a few stories too about the 100th Day of School.  Here are some of our favorites. 


More Ideas for the 100th Day of School

100th Day of School from A Teacher Obsession
100 Day Pinterest Board and Song from Debbie Clement

100th Day of School Activity with Water Beads {Click here


Little Wonders' Days said...

These are great ideas! I love your bird seed heart. We're working on a bird theme unit now and at some point we'll do a bird seed craft, this just might be it!

Raising a Happy Child said...

All these are wonderful ideas to celebrate 100 days at home!

Kim @ The Educators' Spin On It said...

Thanks Little Wonder Days and Raising a Happy Child! It's amazing to see my little 5 year old counting to 100 by 1's, 2's 5's and 10's. Hard to believe half of the school year is already over.

Allison said...

We just celebrated our 100th day of school too! Fun activities you did. I love that you took the base ten blocks on the light table. Great idea.

Jacqui Odell said...

We are celebrating that at our school this week!

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