Winter Activities for Kids

Are you wanting a few activities about winter for your child or classroom?  Here are Winter Themed activities to help your child learn about the season and be creative too!  From ice to snowman there are so many winter activities to choose from.  

Winter Activities for Kids from The Educators' Spin On It

Winter Activities for Kids 

We had lots of fun learning about the cold and snow this week as we learned about Winter. Both of us (Kim and Amanda) did activities with the same theme, so this post includes activities we did in both households!!!

This weeks book choices for our Winter Books

Amanda's Bookshelf:
Winter Themed Books for Kids

This is the only month I have 2 picture books with characters that wear glasses!!!  We love the Tiny series and Tiny The Snow Dog is a winter favorite.  I added "Frozen Noses" to our collection last year.  It is a little rhyme about outdoor play.  My only complaint is that the book shows the little boy loosing his glasses on 2 different pages.  As a parent of a young child in glasses - this just doesn't happen!  I don't know why illustrators feel the need to draw a kids glasses off their face??? I think kids in glasses are adorable and I can at least appreciate having a book with one of the main characters in glasses.

Here's what we were up to with our Afterschool Express Winter Projects

Snowman Painting activity for kids

Snowman Perspective Painting

Our spin on this Pinned project from Deep Space Sparkle, a blog about art activities and lessons to do with grade school children.  To read the directions and see some of her student samples, stop by!  She recommends making snow with Q-tips, but we love to use the ends of empty thread spools! I love my 5 year old take on this project, she explained that the snowman was looking down at the snow on the ground!

Snowglobe writing activity for kids

Winter Writing Prompt

We read this cute story from Hallmark about the snow families that live in a snow globe which prompted a story writing called "What's Shakin in Snowflake City" .

The writing prompt came from Mrs. Jump's Class Website that I pinned on our Winter Pinterest Board.  Mrs. Jump has some great snowman ideas that you should check out.  The Prompt is If I lived in a snow globe...

Snowman Name Activity for Kids

Snowman Name

We sent big brother back to college today so my 5 year old made this for him for his dorm room.  She cut out the circle and hat and scarf by herself.  She made them Orange and Blue for GO GATORS and GO BRONCOS! 

Snowman Sight Word Book

Winter Sight Word Book Printable

We practiced number words and plurals in our Winter Sight Word Book.  Here's your own printable.  I love how they have to remember what they have added on each page to check for comprehension.  At the very last page have your little one write the words under each number that matches, under one would be mouth, hat, scarf etc.  Or they could draw it if they aren't ready for writing words just yet. 

Snowman Sight Word Book

Ice Exploration

Since we live in the South where it never snows and hardly ever gets very cold, we have to celebrate a little when it freezes things.  We're lucky that both of our parents live where it's very cold so our children have experienced snow too.  However we've learn through teaching it's important for children to observe these changes in weather.  This week we actually got down to 22 degrees one night, which broke a record,  so we decided it was time to freeze some water outside.  We filled up all sorts of containers, even our bird bath, and froze them overnight.  It was a fun science experiment for my daughter. We used the afternoon to go outside and fill up some random containers with water.  She was so excited to go out the next morning to see what had happened.  And to watch what happened as the day progressed.  Water tables are great for this science experiment. 

Exploring Ice with Kids from the Educators' Spin On It

Stamping with Snowflakes

Make your own stamps from foam snowflakes and bottle caps.  Great for little hands to use and build find motor skills.  You could also work on patterning with different designs or colors. 

Winter Journal and Observation Sheet Printables

Signs of Winter Printables 

We've created our own Winter Journal and Observation Sheet.  Click here for the printable.  

Next week we're hoping to cut out snowflakes and created a Valentine Colored Snowflake Garland...look for more snow to come!  And learn about Martin Luther King Jr!

Snowman Themed Sight Word Book from The Educators' Spin On it

What are some of your favorite Winter Activities?  We'd love to hear from you! 

Afterschool Activities for Kids


Raising a Happy Child said...

Great activities! It's been freezing cold in the mornings here, but things warm up to upper 60s in the afternoon. We haven't done much for winter fun, but maybe we will do more if we actually manage to drive to the snow later in our year.

Patty Palmer said...

Love your "spin" on teh close-up snowman! Great concept for a blog as well.
Thanks for the link!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love your snowman name - we'll have to do that!

Thanks for participating in the Afterschool Blog Hop =)

Julie said...

I love your idea of ice exploration. We also live in the south but it's going to be very cold on the weekend overnight. I'm going to let the kids put some water out to freeze too! Last year we did it and we put a little plastic dinosaur in the water so it was stuck in there in the morning. Then we brought it inside and let it melt. The kids loved it.

Kim @ The Educators' Spin On It said...

We're supposed to be cold again this weekend so I'm hoing we can do this again. I'm going to try the water table too with a little bit of water and bring out the Polar Bear Animals...wish I had penguins too.

Holli said...

What a great collection. The snowman book will be great for my little ones next year I bet (were just learning to scribble). On second thought, maybe they could draw together. Love it! I'd love for you to share this at my Winter Bucket List link-up:

Pinning this one for sure!

Thanks so much and Happy New Year!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love how the snowman is reaching for the snow! What a wonderful group of activities you did. I will be featuring this post on Read.Explore.Learn. on Facebook tomorrow.

Coombe Mill said...

No snow for us yet either but I am still hoping!

Jen Farr said...

Great collection. So much fun can be had with snow! Thanks for linking to the Outdoor Play Party.

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