Baby Time: Balls, Balls, Balls

We're having a "Ball" at our house recently with all of our balls. My One Year Old just starting saying the word ball, it's super cute.  You can tell it's one her favorite activities to do.  There are so many types of balls available for your little ones to play with and can offer hours of entertainment and encourage their development.    

Playing with balls helps your child to develop in many areas;  

Hand eye Coordination, Eye Tracking, Prediction, Temporal Awareness, Object Permanence, Gross Motor Skills, Pincer Grip, Spatial Awareness, Problem Solving and Builds their Language Skills. 

At our house we have all types of balls to play with.  We have a fabric ball that my littlest one has loved from very early on.  She could easily grab it and through it from around 6 months when she first started sitting up.  

Then we started using the Balls with things inside to encourage her to start crawling towards them as they moved.  We have a few toys now that she can interact with her little balls.  She can put the balls into the holes and see various things happening which helps her to learn and develop.  We also have a toy where she can watch them pop up and chase after them, that she absolutely loves.  

That being said the simplest of all things to do with a ball is to simply play a game of catch.  We use a larger plastic ball for catch and now she LOVES to kick the balls too.  The amount of skills your child can build from engaging with a ball are tremendous.

Our Favorite Infant and Toddler Ball Games right now are... 

Roll the Ball
She sits across from me and we roll the ball back and forth to each other

Drop the Ball
She enjoys picking up the balls and dropping them into a big metal bowl or a big box

Go Get It
She throws the ball and Mommy goes to get it and then we switch and Mommy rolls the balls and she goes and finds it.  

Kick It
She loves to kick the ball all over the place.  

Way up High
We throw the ball up high and she giggles, it's very funny.  It's great for tracking with their eyes a skill later needed in reading.  

We put the ball on the parachute and bounce and bounce it around with big sister.  Once it pops out she runs to get it and puts it back on.  

Throw It
Simple games of throwing it to a family member she has a blast with.  Easter Eggs work well for little hands because they are light.  Just tape them up or hot glue them so they stay together.

Catch It
She sits down and we toss the fabric and big plastic balls to her and she tries to catch them, super funny now but soon enough she'll figure it out.  It becomes for a chase game too at times. 

I'm hoping to make a larger fabric ball for my little one to Toss Indoors Safely.  Look for it to come soon! 

Here are a few Tutorials on How to Make Your Own Fabric Ball 
Montessori Infant Ball
 Fabric Ball

We'd love to hear from you...What are your favorite Ball Games that you play with your little ones?  Want more Baby Time Ideas?  Check out our Baby Time Activities!

Want your own at home? I found them for you on Amazon. Just click and it will take you there! 


OneMommy said...

What a cutie pie!
Mine had a ball popper toy when he was that age and loved to see the balls pop out.

Susan Case said...

I love your Pinterest board! And Blog - wonderful ideas! Thank you for visiting.

PlayDrMom said...

We had the same Dino! A favorite for both my kids from age 1 to 2! Ball play is SO essential for kids of all ages! I came to visit today from the Mom Loop Friday follow... already following you on Pinterest!

~SHANNON~ said...

Great ideas- my daughter at age 3 likes them just as much as when she was tiny! I'm following you from Mom Loop Friday Follow! Thanks so much for participating- so glad to have found your blog!

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