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We had so much fun celebrating New Year’s this year with my family.  My daughter was even old enough to stay up and enjoy in the fun this year.  She was so excited!    My sister in law was so sweet and brought some photo props for a little photo booth session with everyone.  We cracked each other up and laughed so hard.  My daughter was the funniest with her poses… check her out. 

Photo Booth Fun for New Year's Eve 

Here are a few printables to make your own Photo Booth party fun for your next get together.  The Paper Doll Shoppe has created some adorable Photo Booth Printables for you to print. 
Image Source Paper Doll Shoppe

Minute to Win It Family Fun Games for New Year's Eve 

The other thing that we a big hit was our Minute to Win It Games for our family. Of course my daugther had her own games she created too.  


New Year's Eve Activities for Kids 

Here are a few that were our favorites…

Stack the Cup
Using 27 plastic cups stack them using only one hand in a pyramid in a minute.    

Baby Blocks
Balance a plate on your head and stack about 5 children's building block on it. The stack needs to be balanced without falling for about 3 seconds to win.

Suck It Up
Using a straw suck up the M&M's. The M&M's need to transported to one of four straws standing vertically. At least one M&M candy needs to be balanced on these flexible straws.

Noodling Around
Using an uncooked strand of spaghetti in mouth you pick up 6 pieces of penne pasta. Be careful to avoid using hands or if the uncooked spaghetti strand breaks the game is lost.

New Year's Interview and Printables from the Educators' Spin On It
CLICK HERE to purchase our New Year's Interview and New Year Printables.  

This Blog post from On Cloud 8 was a big inspiration for our Minute to Win It Games.

We'd love to hear what types of games and/or activities your family enjoys when they get together.  Post your comments below!  


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Love these games! Fantastic family fun!!!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Very fun! I like the idea of a spaghetti and pasta game. Was penne pasta cooked or uncooked?

Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

Thanks Maryanne and Raising a Happy Child! We had lots of fun. To answer your question they were both uncooked dry pasta.

Lori @ La-La's Home Daycare said...

Hi, I awarded your blog the

Just visit my blog to receive it!

Kim @ The Educators' Spin On It said...

Thank you Lori! We're so glad you found us! I'm off to go enjoy your blog and your other nominations!

CacheyMama said...

Too fun! I totally love these games! I bet some of them are a really challenging. Thanks for linking up to Thinky Linky Thursday!

Cari and Cortnee @ Two Sasters said...

Looks like so much fun! My sister and I love to watch that show:) Would love it if you linked up to our new TGIF party:


Kim @ The Educators' Spin On It said...

Thanks twosasters! Just linked up to your TGIF Party with our family fun post.

Tobi said...

I love your ideas! I love your idea! I've used it in my children's church class for a lesson on the tower of Babel, which I blogged about here: I used one of your images on my blog, but I credited and linked to your blog, so I hope you're ok with it. If not, let me know: tobilayton at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

nancy john said...

Thank you! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.

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