Groundhog Day Ideas for kids

I think this little rodents are absolutely adorable. In Russian, they are called, "sarok." This week we are getting ready for Groundhog's Day with a few kids activities and crafts.

Science, reading, and crafting Groundhog Day Ideas!!!!

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Groundhog Day Hand Print Craft and Poem

This poem and hand print craft from Play With Me was soooo cute, that I typed it out and printed to sing with the kids.  As a kindergarten teacher, we did something similar every year.  The children become familiar with the songs and are soon able to connect the written word to the words they are singing.  I automatically find myself pointing to the words as we sing them!

Groundhog Day Picture Books for Young Kids

Groundhog Day Snack

I usually try to have at least one fun snack a week and this is my silly attempt at a groundhog!  Although these bear buns were  just adorable and could easily pass for a groundhog - I wasn't in the mood to bake the last couple days, so the standby ritz (and baby ritz) crackers, peanut butter, and raisins came out!  My 5 year old said that it looks more like a bear, and I agree, but asked her to use her imagination and to just eat it!!! Do let me know if there are some other cute Groundhog day snack ideas!

Ingredients Needed:
Mini Ritz
Peanut butter

 Spread, add, and eat!  It's so easy, the kids can help make these little groundhog cracker snacks!

Shadow Puppet Groundhog Science Play and Learning

 We had a lot of shadow puppet play this week!  It encourages creative thinking and is a great way to talk about shadows.  We also played outside at different times during the day and talked about how our shadow changes depending on where the sun is.  My 2 year old just stares at me and then will repeat a word like "shadow," so I don't really know exactly how much he does or does not understand!  I just know that vocabulary is so important in life and learning to read.  Maybe he doesn't get it this time, but I know that he is building these little vocabulary files in his head and that they will make connections when he is ready! More Groundhog Day crafts here.

And don't worry, I don't just do crafty/ cutesy projects all week.  We have a LOT of outside free play, open ended art projects, dirt play, Legos and pretend play too.  These are just as, if not more important for toddler development!!!!  Remember - it really doesn't matter WHAT you do with your kids, just that you ARE doing it with your kids.  YES, it is easier have them watch a television show, but if you take that time to snuggle up and read or play with them - you are making so much more of a connection with them.  And  I believe that parents are not told enough of what an amazing job they are doing.  If you are reading this and you are playing with your kid this week - you rock!  Give yourself a hug, a smile, or maybe a cup of hot-chocolate as a treat. You are amazing!!!!!

- Amanda


Marnie @ Carrots are Orange said...

This post is lovely. Thanks for sharing...I linked up to a recent post I wrote up on Groundhog Day. Thanks again!!

Amanda said...

Thanks Marnie =)Love your post too! Glad someone else likes these little guys too! I tried to comment on your post, but it is not letting me today!!!

Steph said...

Thanks for the ideas. I plan on using some on Thursday.

awhitaker said...

So cute! We featured your creative and educational idea today on! Thanks for sharing!

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