It's Not Just A Diaper Change

Sometimes changing a diaper can mean a lot more to your baby than you think. 

Tips for Baby Diaper Changing Time for Parents for even the most active babies and toddlers from The Educators' Spin On It

How many times do you change a diaper in your child's day?  I know I've stopped counting by this point with my daughter.  But here's a secret, don't tell my husband or else it's my job forever, but I enjoy the time it takes to change my children's diapers.  I know it sounds funny but it's true and I hope you'll agree with me on why. 

Quality Time with Babies During Diaper Changing 

Diaper changing time are moments throughout our day where I get to stop everything I'm doing and spend quality one of one time with my baby. 

It's not Just a Diaper Change from The Educators' Spin On It

Time to Change the Diaper! 

It's time to pick her up
It's time to hug her as we go to the changing table. 
It's time to smile at her. 
It's time to give her eye contact.
It's time to talk to her. 
It's time to listen to her.
It's time to help her learn about her body. 
It's time to let her observe her environement.
It's time to sing with her. 
It's time to be silly! 

Tips for How to Engage with Babies during a Diaper Change from the Educators' Spin On It

You may have never thought about it before in this way but Diaper Changing Time for a baby is quality bonding time for you and your child.  It's a time for your baby to learn self awareness skills and social skills.  It's a time for baby to have you all to themselves. 

When my middle child was a baby one of her favorite places to lay was on the changing table.  I don't know if it was the way the curved mat made her feel comfortable or the room or just the feeling it gave her to lay there.  If she was crying and nothing was working I'd take her to the changing table and lay her day and she was calm... it was like magic.  We'd spend time just hanging out there and smiling at each other and singing songs together for a bit and life was good again. 

With my youngest child, she's a mover on the changing table.  She giggles, laughs and loves to have songs song to her while I'm changing her.  Her favorite is to have me sing "Clap Clap Clap your Hands" while she claps her hands. She loves it and I love it since it keeps her hands occupied while I'm changing her diaper.  Here are some other Action Songs we like! 

Recently one of the Moms Group I'm a part of posted a question on our message board.  How do you keep your child still to change them once they become movers?  I know we can't be the only Moms with this problem so I figured I share some of the tricks and tips I've learned over the years as a mom and a child care provider. 

The Art of Distraction:  Tips on How to Change an Active Baby's Diaper

Talk to your baby... change your voice patterns soft, slow, deep, fast

Giggle with your baby... play a little tickle game  we count out our tickles1, 2, 3 tickle tickle tickle and then I ask do you want more before I start again

Sing to your baby...find some special songs they love. Some of our favorite are Clap Clap Clap your Hands, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus, & You are my Sunshine

Tell a finger rhyme... share a special finger rhyme with them.  Some of our favorites are This Little Piggy, Round and Round the Garden, Peek a Boo   

Have something for your baby to look at... art work on the wall, pictures of your family or other babies, or a mirror can be fun 

Have something for your baby to hold... give them something they usually don't get to hold a photo book, a poster of babies, a special big kid toy, a spinning toothbrush, a plastic cup, a water bottle, a brush...  the ideas are endless  

Make it a routine...children need structure to understand expectations

Gentle Touch... always keeping a hand on the baby as your changing will help to keep them safe and feel comforted... remember to never leave your child unattended on a changing table

You know what works best for your child, some like the changing table others a special changing pad on the floor.  Just make it your special time together.  I hope that these tips can help your diaper changing time become a special bonding time with your baby.

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Amanda said...

When Elly was a baby, she loved having things to look at. We would cut pictures of babies out of magazines and make little collages for her to hold. These are all great suggestions!!! Love this post and hope it is shared with other families =) Routines are such great ways to bond with babies.

Anonymous said...

what a sweet reminder of the fun part of this sometimes smelly, sometimes frustrating task (wrestling match, anyone?)! We are always rotating the changing table "toys", but I DO need to change the picture!

a2zbaby said...

Really interesting post and this is very helpful for every new and old parents. diapers for babies

Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

Thanks! Songs seems to work the best with my little one when she tries to begin a wrestling match.

Loralee Dulany said...

I've observed how my sister changes my nephew’s diapers. If I remember it right, I think she does that thrice a day. Sometimes I'm the one who distracts the baby while he's getting changed. I make funny faces, sing him songs or tell a story. It's so refreshing to have a baby at home.

Daniela @ said...

Thanks for reminding me that I'm not crazy to be spending upwards of 20 minutes at a change of diaper enjoying my little one face-to-face.

Jenn said...

Wonderful article :) Glad it isn't just me...I think the changing table is where I get the most smiles and giggles. At night, when we are changing into pajamas and getting ready for bed, I get out a long, sheer scarf and float it above my son. It lands on him, we play peek-a-boo, he wraps his arms and legs around it, puts it in his mouth, and we do this for upwards of 15-20 minutes each night!

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