Bilingual Babies: Paper Bag Color Book

We're working on our Colors!  We made a Color Book that using various learning opportunities to learn how to identify, spell and read Color Words in Hindi.  We created Paper Bag Book using Hearts, English and Hindi Color Words.  You can make your own Paper Bag Book too with ANY language! 

Paper Bag Color Word Book in Hindi 


For our Hindi Paper Bag Color Book we grabbed our supplies
  • 5 Paper Bags
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Colored Hearts 
  • Magazines


To create the book we cut off the bottom of the paper bags to create more openings and also to create our containers to sort our hearts into.  Then we stapled the book together and covered with a Valentine Napkin that we had around the house.

Next step was to cut the Hindi words and glue them on to the book and attach the English Words onto the Hearts.  We also glued the Hindi and English words onto the Paper Bag Containers for sorting colors.

We will also practice writing the color words over the next week on the Paper bags using Markers and Crayons to create more multi sensory learning. Add to this activity by cutting out pictures from recycled magazine that related to each color throughout the week and then place it into our color containers made from the bags.We also cut out the Hindi Letters so that we can spell out each color word in Hindi.  We used these letters Printable Hindi Letters  .You could very easily do this with just english letters to practice learning how to spell color words or other language.  Here's how we use this book with our Afterschool Express with Colorful Heart FUN .  

We've linked it up to the Paper Bag Challenge at Tinker Labs and would love your like on Pinterest to help us WIN ! Here's our Pin . You can check out all the other projects and get inspired too! 

Here are some Hindi Color Word Resources
One of my favorite Hindi Sites for Kids Hindi Gym
Here's a free Printable Hindi Color Book from Hindi Gym
They also have an online Powerpoint Presentation for Colors

From Other Resources
Printable Hindi Letters

Found this article about Color in India while searching for Hindi Colors and thought I'd share.  I can't wait to celebrate Holi soon with our family and friends! 

India is a land of colors. A multitude of colors can be seen in the terrain, the sky, the water, and the culture of the people. In fact, a full festival, the festival of Holi, dedicated to color, is celebrated in the month of March every year. Everyone is covered with color, irrespective of their age and status. A lot of meaning is attached to color in India. In fact even the days of the week have their preferred colors. White clothes are recommended for Monday, Orange for Tuesday, Green for Wednesday, Yellow for Thursday, Red for Friday and Black for Saturday. Red is the color of the bride and the state of being married. Married women can normally be seen with a red dot (bindi) on their forehead. White represents purity, Orange is the color of saints, Green is the color of prosperity. People in India love color. Color is used effectively to represent various moods and emotions.

Hope you have fun creating your own Paper Bag Color Book.  I think we might be creating this Paper Bag Book next from Imagination Soup who used her paper bag book to paint, write a story and learn how to draw mermaids and fairies. 

We'd love to see what language you create with your Paper Bag Color Book with your Bilingual Babies! 


Roopa Shri said...

Wonderful !! I will have to copy this wonderful idea. I am always on the look out for playful ideas to teach 'kannnada' my native language my girl and there's not much available on net.
Btw, we too are waiting for holi:)

Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

Thanks Roopa Shri, I'm so glad you found this. I love that it works for any language and you can include all sorts of sorting objects and concepts. I have a feeling we'll be doing more of these. Can't wait to hear about your Holi celebrations, we get a little silly at our house!

rachelle | tinkerlab said...

The Valentine book you linked to caught my eye as well! Paper bag books are wonderful, and your "spin on it" is great. We're primarily an English speaking house, and you're giving me the idea to make some multi-lingual books for my kids.

Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

Thanks Rachelle! We're going to be adding to it throughout our week too. Can't wait to see how she finds various ways to represent colors for her book. I love that I've inspired you to encourage your kids to learn another language too. Thanks for hosting this Paper Bag Challenge! We can't wait for the next one!

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