Baby Time: Valentine's Day Activities

Take a peek at simple ideas for playing with hearts at home this Valentines' Day.  

Hands On Activities for your Baby and Toddlers to enjoy and create for Valentine's Day! 

It's hard to believe my littlest one is going to celebrate her second Valentine's Day.  Last year we were taken sweet pictures of her the size of a chocolate box and this year we're playing with chocolate boxes. My oldest daughter was 6 months old for her first Valentine's Day.  She was in love with the box of chocolates.  Here's are some heartfelt activities that I know your little ones will enjoy! 

Heart Exploration

Babies love to explore!  Let them explore the new things around your home for Valentine's Day.  The empty box of chocolate can be the newest toy that they love to open and shut and open and shut and hide their toys inside. 

Heart Cookie Cutters 

The heart cookie cutter you found on clearance after Valentine's Day can become a manipulative toys that they love putting in and out of the metal bowl(our favorite toy at our house).  Finding things around the house shaped like hearts and talking about them provides discovery and stimulation and vocabulary for your  baby's development.  I hope to make a few heart photo blocks this week too, inspired from our Make Your Own Baby Blocks

Felt Hearts 

It's always fun to give your baby something new to explore.  We're using Felt Hearts for playtime.  I cut out some felt hearts in various sizes so that we could explore the hearts.  I also gave her a container to keep them in.  I made sure to make the hearts in both matching color and shapes so that she could find the same.  Creating learning opportunities to sort objects and demonstrate new vocabulary is important at any age.  We used words like big, small, same, different, red, pink and purple.  They would make a cute Valentine gift for your child!

Felt Sweets and Fabric Bowel  Amanda gave my daughter this adorable Handmade Gift for her 1st birthday that she loves.  It's a great idea for a Valentine's Day too for your little ones! 

Heart Scribbles Art

We just started making our First Scribbles (check out our post for more info).  This time she had fun using the container to hold her crayons in.  She was so engaged in putting the crayons in and out of the crayon holder.  She would take the crayon out and put it onto the paper and scribble and then put it back in.  I tried to make a big deal out of when she would put it on the paper so she would start to process what to do.  She loved it!  

I took her scribbles and cut out some Hearts in various sizes to decorate for Valentine's Day.  Then we took the hearts and glued them onto a paper to create butterflies.  We hung them up on our fridge but you can also make Valentine's Day card for Daddy or Grandparents with them.  When we glued them I made sure not to put glue on the end so that their wings could lift up off the paper as though they are flying.  Here's how our Butterfly Hearts from Scribbles turned out.  

Heart Prints

We explored using a heart cookie cutter to make prints with washable paint.  I added a few drops of soap into our already washable paint to make it a little bit easier at clean up time.  Before we started  using the cookie cutter I gave her some time the day before playing with it.  It's important to let you child experience the art supply before expecting them to create something with it. 

Love Bug Footprint T-Shirt

I couldn't resist using her foot on last time to make a little Valentine's Day T-Shirt to wear.  I just dipped her foot into red fabric paint and put it onto a Onsie.  Then took a sponge heart stamp and stamped the wings onto my Love Bug!  Simple but turned out super cute for our little Love Bug.  You could easily make this into a card too.  

Valentine Butterfly

We're sent little Valentine's off to Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles.  We made little Valentine Butterflies by tracing my daughter's foot.  Then we attached heart doilies for the wings and eyes to the footprint.  We attached this little Valentine phrase too. I love that both of my girls were able to do this craft together and send them off to family.  

My First Valentine

Simple Valentine Idea just create a handprint on a heart doiley, great for siblings too!  

Valentine Snack Time

We enjoyed our Heart Breadsticks from Little Hands That Cook with Books.  If you haven't checked it out you might want to for a little special snack for family or friends.  My daughter loved the heart bread stick  and they were super simple!

Hope you enjoy this special time with your baby.  Take the moment to really see your baby and loved ones.  Validate them and express to them they are a person who's important to you.  Taking the time to say I Love you with hugs and kisses and smiles. I promise you, your child will love you forever for those moments and grow up happy, confident and loved!   

The Educators' Spin On It Activities are suggestions to play with your child with together. 
Please use at your own risk and provide adult supervision at all times. 
You know what's best for your child and are your child's first and most important teacher.  

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  1. I love these ideas! Thank you for sharing. I'm linking to it on my site.

  2. Thanks for sharing Out of Time Mom! Hope you have a special Valentine's Day.

  3. This is adorable & she is adorable! Thanks for letting me know about it on my Love Bug post!!! Pinning this to remember for next year. The poem is cute too!

  4. I pinned your Love Bug Footprint on our Pinterest Board Artsy Mama, it's so cute and many are loving it!

  5. Love the use of doilies! So creative. Vicky from Mess For Less

  6. i love the felt hearts and cookie cutters and empty chocolate box ideas, so simple x

  7. Just love this 'Valentine's Day Activities' by Kim. Just checking out her other blogs, it's really great!


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