Heart Shaped Bread Recipe

Making food in the shape of hearts for Valentines day is a hit with most kids.  Here's an idea for creating heart shaped bread with kids.  We've shared these with my child's class and it's a big hit and an easy way to stay away from sugary sweets that we typically see at holiday parties.  

Heart Shaped Bread Recipe with Kids

Making Heart Shape Bread with Kids

We are learning about the Grains Group in our Little Hands that Cook with Books Balanced Eating Fun Series!  It's getting close to Valentine's Day so I thought it would be to include a heart into the lesson so we're making heart shaped breadsticks. 

My daughter was very excited to make her very own heart breadsticks so I decided to let her use the premade dough.  The next time we do this we'll make it whole wheat breadstick recipe to add some more Grains into our diet.  I want her to know the process of making bread from scratch.  You could easily do heart shaped pretzels too!  Here's what we used to make our heart shaped breadsticks.

Heart Shaped Breadsticks


Refrigerated Breadsticks from Pillsbury
garlic salt (or desired herb)
Parmesan cheese


1. Separate dough into 12 strips
2. Take two strips and twist and join to create heart shape on baking sheet
3. Brush with melted butter
4. Sprinkle with herbs and parmesean cheese
5. Bake at 375 for 12 minutes
6.  Enjoy with someone you LOVE!

 Books About the Grains Group
The Grain Group by Mari C. Schuh
The Great Grains Group  by Marcie Aboff

While our breadsticks were cooking we had a Lesson about the Grains Group.  I had her find items in the pantry that she thought would belong into the Grains Group.  We laid them out onto the counter and labeled them with the premade labels I made.  They included words like bread, cereal, rice, pasta, popcorn, crackers.  Once we found the items we played a quick game to decide if they belonged into the Whole Grains Group or Refined Grains Group.  I pulled out some pictures I printed of the different whole grains, here's the site.  Ideally I would like to have containers full of whole grains too for a more hands on approach.  Then we tried to find items in our pantry that contained whole grains. Here's the list of Whole Grain Words to look for that we used that you can use with your little ones! 

 Whole Grains and Refined Grains Game


What is a Portion?  
Now that my own child is 5 years old I felt it was time for her to learn about how to read the label on boxes and understand what a "Portion Size" is.  We took some of our favorite snacks and read the label and served them into containers to truly understand what is in a serving.  I think it was a great learning opportunity for her to visually comprehend how much she needs of some of her favorite snacks.  And to understand that at least half of our grains each day should be from the Whole Grains group. 

Grains Group Activities
Word Search from Nourish Interactive
Coloring Sheet of the Grains Group
Sort the Grains
Let's Make Bread
Whole Grain Picture and Word Sort

Here's an additional Little Hands that Cook with Books Lesson about the Grains Group!
Teddy Bear Biscuits
Teddy Bear Food Group Book with Printable Words

We brought our Heart Breadsticks to a Valentine's Day Playdate.  The kids loved them, even my baby girl!

Next time we're going to learn how is flour made and how bread is made?  Who better to teach us than The Little Red Hen. Until then enjoy...

Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse  by Laura Numeroff


mommy of Five said...

"Love" it!

Kalista Sabourin said...

We love making bread every week. I'm sure the kids would enjoy making heart shaped bread! What a fun idea!

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