Top Ten Reasons I Love Sharing Valentine's Day with my Children

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Sharing Valentine’s Day with My Children by Kim Vij

1. Helping them find cards to make for their friends and watching them write their names
Friendship is a Gift

2. Watching their giggles and they read aloud their Valentines and enjoy their treats 
Laughter is a Gift

3. The shine in their eyes of love as they open their valentine from me
Love is a Gift  

4. Decorating the house with Pink, Red and Purple Hearts
Shelter is a Gift

5. Making fun outfits to wear with hearts and love bugs
Clothing is a Gift

6. Teaching my children to make special treats for others
Food is a Gift

7. Being able to get a little crafty and pull out my paints and sewing machine
Creativity is a Gift

8. Seeing that my love with my husband has come to life with my 3 precious babies
Children are a Gift 

9. Showing my children what love is in a marriage
Marriage is a Gift

10. Most of all getting hugs and kisses and homemade cards from my little Valentines
Family is a Gift 

As I look back I see that I received the best Gifts for Valentine’s Day
Family, Marriage, Children, Creativity, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Friendship, Laughter and Love

What more could a Mom dream or wish for Valentine’s Day? 

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Here's a snapshot into our Valentine's Day Fun this year. 
Checkout our site for Valentine's Day Activities  for more details and ideas!



  1. Beautifully put! I love celebrating Valentine's Day with my kids!

  2. Hi Kim, I couldn't agree more!! Awesome thoughts on why this overly-commericalized holiday is still very special.: )

  3. It was such fun to set out things for JDaniel to find at breakfast time. I love Valentine's Day too.

  4. All great reasons! Happy Valentine's Day!


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