Baby Time: Ideas for Easter Baskets for Babies

Looking for ideas for creating an Easter Baskets for your baby? Here are some baby friendly ideas that are hands on, healthy and will inspire your baby's imagination.  A few ideas are even handmade that you could put together easily with fabric scraps from home. 

As you're picking out basket consider picking a basket that your baby or toddler can easily carry around when it has eggs inside of it.  Little hands love putting eggs in and out of baskets and it's great for their fine motor and gross motor skills.  Easter buckets can be fun too and you can explore with sand and water too once you're done. 

What Can I Fill a Baby's Easter Eggs With?

  • An Egg Can Be Just an Egg

Truthfully don't feel like you have to fill them. Then will enjoy just playing with the eggs. My older daughter first learned to throw with plastic eggs, they were light and easy to hold and she loved playing the egg game with them. At the time she was 7 months old and loved just sitting and throwing them. Now my youngest daughter is 15 months and she loves trying to open them and discover things, every age is different. If you are concerned with them coming open, just tape them closed.

  • Make Egg Shakers

You could always fill them with something too and seal them closed to make music.  Consider items like rice, beans or beads.  Just make sure that they are sealed closed to any choking hazards.  Electrical tape seems to do that job the best. 

  • Scarves
  • Finger Puppets
  • Bubbles (tiny wedding ones, much easier for little mouths to learn with)
  • Bunny Finger Puppet Inspired by our Spring Pinterest Board
  • Chick Bean Bags Inspired by our Spring Pinterest Board
  • Eggs filled with finger foods like cereal, goldfish, Puffs, Raisens (instead of Sugary Items) 

What Can I Fill a Baby's Easter Basket With?

Spring Animal Puppets or Felt Eggs for encouraging Imaginary Play

For younger babies you can Make a Personalized Onsie with fabric Applique or a Homemade Tag Blanket
Fill their basket with one or two toys that can be played with again and again

Here's a post about Making Your Own Personalized Photo Blocks for their basket.
Your could do family members or spring photos!

We have a tradition that we always get a Easter Book in our Basket.
Here are some fun Easter Books for your baby or toddlers

We hope that these ideas have made creating an Easter basket for your baby or toddler a little bit easier and provide hours of fun together with your baby.  We'd love to see how your easter basket turns out and what was your child's favorite item.  Email us at, share on our facebook page, or share in the comments below. 

 Happy Easter from The Educators' Spin On It


Debs- Learn with Play @ home said...

So many lovely ideas.. and great photos to accompany them :)I think i'll try the felt activitiy as i have a lot of that at the moment.
I saw this on the collaborative pinterest board
"Kid Blogger Network Activities & Crafts" and wondered how I might join this board? Would love to contribute :)
Have a nice day.

Growing a Jeweled Rose said...

Great ideas, and another cute photo of your daughter :)

SusieQTpies said...

Thank you so much for linking up to our Easter Egg Hop! We gave your post a pin on Pinterest. We love your basket ideas!

Im following you on Pinterest, of course! Thanks for the pin! We appreciate it.

Thank you!


Vicky said...

Great ideas here for new moms. Just pinned this!

Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

Thanks Vicky! I hope your followers find this helpful!

Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

Thanks! I had to include the photo, she was such a ham to photograph that year. I love when they are little and you can snap photos of them in baskets!

Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

Thanks for creating the Easter Egg Hop, it's a great idea!

Allison said...

Thanks for sharing with The Sunday Showcase - I'll be featuring this tomorrow.

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