Easter Crafts and Activities for Toddlers

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Easter Crafts and Activities

This week, I brought out our collage tray that I made in January, cut an egg shape out, handed my 2 year old a glue bottle and let him go!  This is what he made!  I enjoy open ended crafts that allow for kids to make choices, but yet are still cute to hang up!  

We also rotated our bookshelf into our Easter Themed selections.  I ADORE and I mean ADORE the days when our bookshelves are first rotated. My kids spent at least 3 hours reading (not all at one time) all the new books in one day!!! 

 Here is what is on our shelf.  I was a little worried that I didn't have many books for this theme. What was I thinking?  We have been picking up books at garage sales for 5 years, ordering from Scholastic and buying books to stuff Easter Baskets with and slowly adding to the collection! My mom is also really great about sending the kids little surprise mail packages with books too. Surprisingly, one of the kids favorites is the large bunny book called Ralph.  I got it at a baby shower for my oldest (now 5 1/2) and thought - "What am I going to do with a book this big?"  The kids really enjoy it and it has been well loved and read for over 5 years now.  It also brings back great memories of my daughter as a baby. It has simple rhyming sentences on each page.  I just looked for it on the web and of course, it seems like they are not selling it anymore. =( Here are some of the other books on our shelf!

This next little craft is less open ended, more crafty and working on following directions.  Just takes some paper, their hands to trace and a couple brads to make the hands move!  If you wanted, you could have the kids cut our their own eggs for some extra cutting practice (I just cut mine for time and sanity - but my kids do cut a LOT, so I am not worried they missed out on some extra fine motor practice)  Both my kids had a go at it.  I always encourage them to add their own details to the picture to make it their own.  My oldest added the bow to hers and the bow tie to her toddler brothers!  I loved the creativity!
 Another craft that is easily adaptable is the stain glass window!  We used contact paper and put the shape of a tag board egg (with the inside cut out) on top of the contact paper.  I set out tissue paper squares and let him add what colors and how many he wanted.  It was funny because he added a few and said, "I'm done."  There was no convincing him to add any more.  My daughter on the other hand, filled up her entire egg.  After he was done, I put another piece of contact paper over, so the sticky sides were together, cut around the egg shape leaving a small boarder of contact paper, punched a hole
and tied a ribbon at the top to hand on our window.

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    Growing a Jeweled Rose said...

    I love the Easter egg suncatcher! Great Easter activities :)

    chelle said...

    Love the little 'lady' and 'gentlemen' Chicks I may have been confused if not for the well placed bow lol :-) very CUTE!

    Jen said...

    We have some of them on our shelf, too. I love holiday books- my husband would probably say I have too much. I just won 5 more Easter books on a blog, too. :) cute crafts!

    TammySF. said...

    Love these craft ideas!! Thanks for sharing:)

    Amanda said...

    Thanks for all these ideas. I think I'm going to make the egg stained glass window with J this week. Thanks for linking up to the Weeky Kids Co-op!

    SusieQTpies said...

    Thank you so much for linking up to our Easter Egg Hop! I love all your ideas. Those little chicks are super cute! We gave your post a pin on Pinterest.

    I love your blog and your ideas. I really wish I had a blog when my teens were little. We use to do all this fun stuff. It would have been great to have so many mom resources like yours to go to! Rock on!

    Thank you! http://cafescrapper-scrapsoflife.blogspot.com/2012/03/pinterest-easter-egg-hop-blog-link-up.html


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