Little Hands that Cook with Book: Let's Talk Nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month! How are you getting your Plate in Shape with your Family? I know we all struggle with making sure our children eat the right things. We're working with our daughter to help her learn that half her plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables every meal. We're teaching her about the MyPlate Guidelines. We just finished our Balanced Eating Fun Series with Little Hands that Cook. Have you finished? How did you do? What is the biggest change you've seen?

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Books on Nutrition


Nutrition Activites & Printables
5 a Day ChartTeddy Bear Food Group Book
Make your Own MyPlate from Quirky Momma: Kids Activities Blog
Little Hands that Cook with the FOOD GROUPS

Here are some more videos about NUTRITION that your children might enjoy and learn from! 

Foods from All Around the World

Elmo Learns about Healthy School Lunches at the White House
Stretch and Grow Teaching Preschoolers about My Plate

As you journey into having fun with Nutrition with your little ones we leave you with this last note....

Dear Little Hands that Cook with Books Friends,

I wanted to share with you a campaign to help kids eat healthier and be healthier by making one simple pledge each week.

We know that the majority of children don't eat enough nutritious foods to help them develop strong and healthy bodies. Today, over 85% of children are deficient in at least one or more key nutrients.
I am joining the Chef Solus March to National Nutrition Month by making a pledge to help children make healthier choices each week.

Each week gives a new pledge, one simple goal to focus on to help children eat healthier and some tips to help you get started. It literally takes less then one minute to show your support.

All pledges are entered into a weekly drawing for cool prizes that promote health (valued at $30-50).
It will only take you a a minute of your time so please support this important cause. Our children are counting on you! You can make your weekly pledge to help kids by clicking here. Please join me and make your pledge for healthy children.

Make A Pledge To Healthy Children. Pledge Now.

Weekly Healthy Pledge To Help Children

Happy Healthy Eating and Cooking!

(Contact your health care provider or contact a registered dietition for more information and care about Nutrition) 


Andrea @ No Doubt Learning said...

Thanks for the great resources! I never knew there was a Registered Dietician Day! :)


Andrea said...

Sorry - that was to say "Dietition" - my fingers were too quick!

Kim @ The Educators Spin On It said...

Andrea I didn't either until I started discovering all the great resources that are out there for our children to learn about Nutrition.

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