Flowers and Props for your Spring Photo Fun

Just a quick little Mommy Tip as you're getting ready for the Holiday.  I am in no way a professional photographer or own a fancy camera but as a Mom of 3 I've captured a few memorable shots of my children in 19 years.  I thought I'd pass along some things that have worked well for me to help you capture those special childhood moments. 

Photo Tips for Spring with Kids 

When you're taking pictures remember the best place is outside with most cameras, or at least the ones I can afford. This past year we found a local park that had some beautiful flowers growing and jumped in the car and headed over there on Easter to to a quick little egg hunt with the girls after our family events were done. To day it's still one of our favorite little photo sessions because we just paused and celebrated the day.   

It's fun to bring some photos props for your child to hold and to also keep them in a playful spirit. Capturing childhood is such a fun thing to do. Some photos props ideas for spring are a bunny, eggs, basket, flowers, bunny ears and this little duck. We had fun when my oldest daughter was a baby using a big basket too. 

Do you need printable Easter Photo Props and Party Ideas? I just discovered an adorable Easter "Bunny Hop" Party!  Frog Prince Paperie provided on Tip Junkie an adorable Bunny Photo Prop for a Easter "Bunny Hop" Party on Hostess with the Mostess hosted by The Savvy Moms Guide .

Another fun this to do is year after year have something that you take pictures beside so that you in pictures you can see your child growing. Even holding the same bunny year after year can be adorable.


They grow sooo fast!  Hope you have fun capturing your child's childhood memories!  

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Julie @ Creekside Learning said...

So cute! Love the baby in the basket.

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