Snapshots of Parenting: The Importance of Everyday Moments

Our children get report cards. Employees get reviews. As parents you may not get feedback from others on your parenting. We would like to take some time here at The Educators' Spin On It to celebrate the moments you share with your children that deserve recognition. We would like to give you positive feedback on your parenting experiences and share your story with others for inspiration!

This week's Shapshots of Parenting with Purpose was inspired by Gina, and her appreciation of husband and the ways that he participates in the everyday life of their son. She writes about these moments on Famiglia and Seoul a site about "Sharing memories, activities, adventures, thoughts, and wishes for my family with a little piece of Seoul."
Gina shares with us...

"I just came across Danielle's blog the other day and loved the idea she had about sharing 52 new experiences she will seek out this year with her children. I think it is so important to provide kids with new experiences and build their background knowledge. I also like your spin on it, letting parents know that just taking the time to do new things with their child doesn't have to be a huge undertaking.  With that being said, I wanted to share a short story about my husband. 

We brought home our son from Korea almost a year ago and we both, of course, fell in love with him. I have been so proud of the father my husband has become and all that he does for our little boy, Grady. He helps with dinner feedings, bath time, and our nighttime rituals.

In addition to all of the everyday tasks he shares with me, he also takes the time to do little projects outside and around the house with our son. So far this spring, he has taken Grady out to plant in the garden, learn about nature, etc. Please feel free to check out the Father and Son activities they have completed and that I have posted on my blog. I am so proud to have a husband who makes time for our son and strives to be a big part of Grady's everyday life.  Thanks! Gina"

We also wanted to include a picture of Gina too, what an amazing mom to share their adventures in raising their adorable son from Korea. Here's a quote from Gina's "About Page" and we can't stress this enough, if all parents truly believed and practiced her belief that our world and schools would be a different place.

"I feel a parent should help nurture the soul of their child, while letting them explore and develop their unique talents to the full extent of their capabilities. Experiencing nature, the arts, literature, meaningful play, and simply being a kid are just a few ways that we can do this." (Gina at Famiglia and Seoul)
Our Spin On It...

We love how Gina celebrates and acknowledges the fact that her husband is a part of their son's every day life.  Making the effort to be there for your child in even the simplest moments will make a forever difference in the life of your child.  Simple things like bed time, bath time, dinner time, story time outdoor time and PLAY time are all important to a child's development and to forming a happy and loving family that is closely bonded.  Children can benefit so much with a parent actively engaged in a child's everyday life.  These moments can be just a set time each day that's Daddy Time or Mommy's Time or moments throughout the day. 

It's also really important to take notice and validate your child's parent and their involvement.  We're all new to this whole "parenthood" thing and it's nice to know when someone sees you and your effort.  Need another reason?  Check out this article about how early child-parent play can increase academic performance in schools later on.  Playing and bonding with your child takes effort, time, and energy but the results are priceless! 

Here are some ways to spend moments of time together...
  • Play with blocks, legos, balls or a game 
  • Eat dinner together and talk at the table
  • Story Time
  • Help with Homework
  • Go for a walk or bike ride
  • Kick or throw the ball in the backyard
  • Blow bubbles
  • Draw with chalk
  • Put together a puzzle
  • Take a wagon adventure
  • Go to the park or playground
  • Play a game of tag
  • Bathtime
  • Be the first person they see when they wake up each day
  • Eat breakfast together before work
  • Water fun
  • Sing songs
  • Play Peek a Boo or Hide and Seek
  • Have a dance party
  • Smile and look at your child directly every time they enter the room
  • Prepare meals together 
  • Do a chore together
  • Find little projects that you can do with your child, start simple
  • Join 365 Outdoor Challenge at Famiglia & Seoul
  • More ideas from Childhood 101
  • ? Add your own
How many ways can you think of to purposefully engage with your child's daily life?

If you could take a snapshot of a great parenting with purpose moment, what would it look like for you? You don't have to actually catch this moment on camera, but we sure would love to hear about it! Please send us your story of the grandparent, neighbor, friend, family, spouse, or community member that you saw Parenting with Purpose at If you have a picture that represents that moment and don't mind sharing it with us, send us that too! (but not necessary at all!)

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