Snapshots of Parenting with Purpose: The Importance of Daddy Reading

Our children get report cards. Employees get reviews. As parents you may not get feedback from others on your parenting. We would like to take some time here at The Educators' Spin On It to celebrate the moments you share with your children that deserve recognition. We would like to give you positive feedback on your parenting experiences and share your story with others for inspiration!
This week's Snapshot of Parenting with Purpose was inspired by Deb at Learn with Play.  She shared with us her husband and how much she knows it's important for him to be involved with story time too. 

 She writes to us,
"I believe that in order for kids (especially little boys) to develop the best relationship with books and literature for the future, it's important that they have Daddy (or other males) read too. 

Myself and my husband have both made it a priority to read to our kids daily since they were born and love to see the excitement and enthusiasm that books hold for our daughter.

As a teacher I know all too well that boys are typically less inclined to read of their own free will and even less so, the older they get. Hopefully by creating a literacy-rich environment as well as showing our son not only the wonder and joy that books hold, but also that males love reading too, he will also develop the same relationship with reading and literature as his older sister.

And... for all the Dads out there, there's not much more that melts a mum's heart, than seeing Daddy reading with the kids." Debs @Learn with Play

Our Spin On It
We love when Dads get involved with their child's reading, when both parents are actively involved and working together for the children amazing things can and will happen.  As a father, having your child observe you reading and listening to you read stories is a key element to lifelong successful readers.  Research has shown time and time again that children who are read to frequently before the enter Kindergarten will have higher vocabulary skills, will become better readers and have better academic success. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends reading aloud to all children over the age of six months. For best results, read to your child every day for at least 30 minutes. How do you plug in reading for 30 minutes?  It's definitely something that both parents have to do together to make sure it happens! 

Here are some fun ways we've shared discovered to encourage you child to have books in their daily routine and in a fun way.  

Last week we shared a story about a father actively engaged in their sons every moments and purposely doing special projects together.  It's so important for your children to see both parents working together to provide these opportunities.  I know some of the biggest complaints is not enough time.  Here are a few reading spots that are favorites and some spots you might not have thought of. 

Where can you read together?

  • reading corner
  • kitchen table
  • highchair
  • bathtub
  • playground
  • parent pick up line
  • bed
  • chair
  • backyard under a tree
  • library
  • front porch or backyard porch
  • siblings practice time
  • tent indoors or outdoors
  • pretend boat
  • restaurant waiting for a table or food
  • car, bus, metro, train
  • on a road trip
  • on a airplane 
  • at the airport
  • online video chat with grandparents or other family members  
Here's a Printable Checklist for you too!  

 All Families are Unique

On are different note... we know that all homes are unique and that there are single parents too.  It is totally possibly for any parent to do this on their own too.  If there is a way, involving a grandfather or uncle at times as an option that might be helpful too if you're concerned.   They most important thing is that books need to be in your child's life from the very beginning and that your child needs and adult to read and read and read with them to become successful readers and great thinkers!   Something to think about....sometimes a special book could be a good transition item from home to home for little ones too. 

If you need ideas on some more literacy based activities for your kids, stop by and check out our Link-Up of Books and Activities that relate to them. If you have a specific post that highlights one book and an interactive project or activity that goes with it, feel free to link it up too!  There are some fantastic ideas linked up already! 

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TammySF. said...

What a wonderful post!! My husband reads to my son every night and I completely agree that boys need to hear their dads read too!! People always talk about how important moms are....and we are...but the influence that a "dad" can have on a child can be life changing!!
1...2...3...Teach With Me

Debs- Learn with Play @ home said...

This is a lovely post. So happy to be a part of it.
I'm so glad that you included the part about every family being different. Reality is that there are many families that don't have a "daddy" to read with. I hope in these circumstances that there are other males present in the children's life such as grandfathers, uncles, friends, teachers etc who can share reading experiences with the children.

Thank you for including me in such a valuable post.

Debs :)

(PS- the 2nd pic doesn't seem to be working ;) )

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