Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

HI! This is our first Ultimate Blog Party!  Thanks for stopping over here at The Educators' Spin On It…we love new visitors!  


Background Info 
Our site is a little unique, there are two of us! I'm Kim and this is my family of 5 and I share this site with Amanda and her family of 4.  The Educator's Spin On It is a collaborative effort of two best friends who are parents and former elementary school teachers.  Although I hesitate to use the word former since we both are still certified and feel that we teach our children every day at home.  We started this blog as a way to share with others the things that we have learned about teaching and parenting along the way.  We believe that parents are their children's first and most important teacher. 

Amanda @ The Educators' Spin On It
Sharing "Our Spin" 
Here at The Educators' Spin On It we try our very best to Parent with Purpose. We enjoy sharing "Our Spin" on things that we post each week. As Educators and as Parents we're always looking for ways to make learning playful and playtime meaningful. We try our best to share these adventures through Bilingual Babies, Little Hands that Cook with Books, Baby Time, Tot School, After School ExpressKids in the Garden, and Snapshots of Parenting with Purpose. 

Join the Fun
The Educators' Spin On It hosts LOVE BOOKS!  It's a Resource Page full of Books and Activities from many amazing bloggers all over.  If you have a story and activity to go with it, we'd love for you to join the fun.  We also host a Gardening  and Afterschool Activities Link Up, come check them out and join the fun!
Pinterest Resources for Parents
We have a very active Pinterest Board that was named on Parenting.com as one of the The Best Pinterest Users to Follow for Parents.  We pin with Parents in mind, hoping that our Pinterest Boards will provide you with sources for activities for you to teach your own child at home.  We share a few collaborative Boards too with the Kids Blogger Network and several with Let's Lasso the Moon

Check out a few of our Most Popular Posts

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

We can't wait to check out all the participants in the Ultimate Blog Party.   Find us on facebook, we are always sharing great ideas for parents and teachers there!  Thanks for stopping by The Educators' Spin On It!  


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