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Little Hands that Cook with Books and BLUEBERRIES!

We had so much fun blueberry picking with our families on Mother's Day weekend.  The weather was beautiful and the kids were having so much fun as we went on an adventure in a local blueberry farm.  Some of my most fondest memories with my children are watching them experience picking food from the earth and the smiles on their faces. 

blueberry activities

We have used blueberries a few times before on The Educator's Spin On It with Little Hands that Cook with Books.  We included them with our Teaching Kids Nutrition Series, Earth Day Fun Series & Around the World in 12 Dishes Series.  We did a whole lesson on Peter in Blueberry Land too.  They are many benefits to eating blueberries with your family.  Here are some blueberry facts for kids to learn! We enjoy adding them to our homemade baby food too for that little extra sweetness and health benefits.  Here's how-Blueberry Puree for Making Baby Food.   I will admit that blueberries can be a little costly if you're buying out of season so we always head to the local farms and pick as much as we can.  When we get home we eat LOTS of the fresh ones and then we freeze the rest for when we want to use them in our smoothies and cooking. Here are some tips for Cleaning and Storing your blueberries. 

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Blueberry Themed Books
Since we're Little Hands that Cook with Books, when we got home from picking my daughter also wanted to blueberry books.  So we went to the library and picked out a few blueberry books to read this week too!  Here are a few I found for you on Amazon. 

Learning with Blueberries
Counting, Sorting, Math Facts all can be done with blueberries or pretend blueberries.  Here are some fun activities from Delightful Learning and The Homeschool Club

blueberry size comparisions

Blueberry for Sal Activities
Printables from Homeschool Share
Printables from Home School Creations

picking blueberries with children

Blueberry Songs
As we were picking blueberries the girls came up with an adorable song about picking on the bushes.  I wish I would have recorded it, it was so cute.  I love this age as they start to create their own songs and enjoying talking in song version.  The song had to do with who picks in the middle and bottom and Mommy get's the top.  Here are a few blueberry songs that we followed up with at home. 

Song : Blueberry Pancakes
Let’s make pancakes, yum, yum, yum.
And drop on blueberries, one by one.
Turn the pancakes, now their done.
Blueberry pancakes, let’s have some!
(Tune: "The Mulberry Bush")
Here we go round the blueberry bush,
the blueberry bush, the blueberry bush.
Here we go round the blueberry bush,
so early in the morning.
Pick the blueberries small and round,
Small and round, small and round.
Pick the blueberries small and round,
so early in the morning.
(Taste the blueberries, ripe and sweet.)
Blueberry Picking I The Educators' Spin On It

Preparing the Blueberry
Picking blueberries is the fun part!  When we get home, I make sure that all the blueberries are clean before eating, baking or freezing them.  This part is not as much fun and can be time consuming depending on the amount of blueberries you have picked.  My mom taught me this "trick" to get the blueberries the cleanest with out damaging them.

1. Pour a small amount into your colander.
2. Set the colander in a clean bowl of water.  Bring the colander up and down.  While the blueberries are floating, run your hands through them to pick out all the stems and bad blueberries.  Rinse.
3. Gently spread the wet blueberries on a towel in a single layer.
4. Let them dry completely.

Washing Blueberries I The Educators' Spin On It

The Educators' Spin On Blueberry Recipes
Now it's time for some Blueberry Fun! I've gathered 30 Blueberry Recipes just for you!  When we got home with baskets full of blueberries I thought to myself what am I going to make with all of these berries. I've done the searching for you, saved you some time, and here's what we can make! You could go a whole month eating blueberries and never eat the same thing twice. Some of the recipes are just plain fun and others are pretty healthy. I'll let you be the chef and decide which one you want to try out with your family.  They key element is to involved your child in the kitchen.  There are many roles in the kitchen for any age from washing the blueberries, measuring the ingredients or mixing the bowl.  Grab a kid friendly stool, wash your hands and let's get started om the kitchen! 
  Blueberry Scones I The Educators' Spin On It
30 Blueberry Recipes

Which Blueberry Recipe is your favorite?


Heather Gunnell said...

I LOVE THIS!! We're headed to the blueberry farm at the end of the month and I am using your ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!

Michelle said...

Looks great! Love the blueberry pancake song. :) Thanks for including a link to my Blueberries for Sal post, too!

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

YUM!! Love blueberries around here! Our blueberry season isn't until August though! Thank you for sharing and definitely pinning for when I need recipes for all our blueberries!! Looks like you guys had a great time!

PlainVanillaMom said... blueberries! You are making me hungry :) I have a blueberry crisp recipe that is to die for when made with fresh berries!!

Vicky said...

My girls are a little tired of plain blueberries so I love all the options here for incorporating them into yummy recipes. Thanks! Vicky from

Jackie H. said...

yummy! My boys probably like blueberry pancakes the most but I love blueberries with yogurt, granola, smoothies. I'll have to try some of your recipes. I love all the books too! Blueberries for Sal is near and dear to my heart!

Rebecca said...

Oh how lovely to be able to go blueberry picking. Don't ink we can do it near us. My girls love blueberrys, they are a bit sour for me though.

MiaB said...

mmmmm.... I do love blueberries.. I would have to say that the recipe that looks the most interesting to me is the peach blueberry cobbler

Bethany said...

What a wonderful list of blueberry activities. Makes me want to go pick them right now!

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

Yummy!!! We are big fans of blueberries here. Especially blueberry pancakes! :-)

Enchanted Homeschooling Mom said...

I just stumbled across your blog and love it (I am your newest follower)! Our family is also big fans of blueberries so I will have to check out the recipe links you gave. I love the activities and storybook suggestions you have!

Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

Ohhh yum. Aren't blueberries delicious! What fantastic resources, recipes and blueberry ideas :-) Thanks for sharing on Happy lil ❤'s are baking!!

Gina said...

Blueberries are one of the summer favorites at our house! Love all of the recipes and books to share with the kiddos! Thanks for sharing on the All Year Round Blog Carnival for Summer!

Becca said...

I just found your blog and I'm now following. I'm also a teacher. I write three blogs. My literacy blog has a very similar feel to your blog. My goal is to help parents engage in activities and literacy that goes along with them. You can find all of my blogs at

I'm so happy I found you!


Recipes We Love said...

can't wait for blue berries to be in season here in a few weeks.

Mama Pea Pod said...

Yum!!! We LOVE blueberries in our family, and they are just coming into season here. Thanks for the great tips and recipe links!

The Monko said...

This is a great post, the only problem is that Goblin likes blueberries so much that he will devour an entire box in seconds. I don't think they'd ever last long enough to do size sorting or bake into a recipe. As it is we have to hide them on the higher shelves of the fridge - and he still finds them using his steps.

Anya said...

Great books and awesome activities! Thank you for sharing!

hannahw said...

Thanks for linking this up to All Year Round Blog Carnival: Summer. I picked it as one of my favorite links from last week!

Growing a Jeweled Rose said...

Oh wow! Great post... and now I want some blueberries LOL. Thanks so much for sharing with Tuesday Tots. Pinned :)

Christine said...

LOVE IT!!!! I absolutely LOVE blueberries. I go picking with my little family every year and it's so much fun. We even go wild blueberry picking which is also quite interesting.. especially since you try to pick as fast as you can without being eaten alive by bugs.. hehe

Thanks so much for sharing at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!
I'm looking forward to seeing what you link up this evening!

Gina said...

Just stopping back to let you know that I featured this post as one of the ideas that inspires hands on play with nature in my Summer Carnival round up! Thanks for sharing! :)

The Bubblegum Tree said...

Wow! This is a great collection! So glad I found you blog. Can't wait to look around some more : )

The Bubblegum Tree

Jill @ A Mom With A Lesson Plan said...

My mouth is now watering for blueberries!

SensiblySara said...

Those blueberries look fantastic! I didn't realize there were so many kids books about blueberries!

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