Here's a fun way to incorporate Pirates and Reading into your fun this Summer!  Create a Pirate LOVE BOOKS Package for your child! 

I have a very special child in mind, my nephew.  He lives in London right now so I am sending him a special Pirate Package in the mail to celebrate his 4th Birthday.  Recently Inner Child Fun shared ways to connect with kids even when they are far way.  It made me think about how to you celebrate Birthdays when you are far way.  Here's my way of wishing Happy Birthday, I'm sending him a PIRATE PARTY.  In my PIRATE PACKAGE I'm also including resources for him to create a special PIRATE THEME in his house for the birthday boy.  Of course I'm always putting my "Spin On" things and some of these Pirate Activities will help prepare him for his preschool too in the fall. 

Let's start with the Pirate Package we're sending.  I quickly ran into a few stores to find pirate themed items.  I'd tried really hard to keep all items around a $1.00. First I stopped by Target's Dollar Spot and look what I found!  I found all the items needed for a Pirate Party.  They had dress up items like the bandanna, eye patch and earrings and even a sword!  They also had pirate invitations, thank you cards, gift bag and goody bags. I also stopped by Michaels to discover a Pirate Paint book.  Then a quick stop at Walmart for a Pirate T-shirt, Jack and the Neverland Stickers and Moveable Decorations.  

Here's my "Spin On" these Pirate items...

Pirate Party Bag: Toy Storage for Pirate Items
Pirate Invitations: Treasure Hunt Clues Game
Pirate Dress Up: Use them in dramatic play, Pirate Dress Up Game, and to Retell Stories
Pirate Stickers: Create a Pirate Story using Stickers (See more)
Pirate Paint Book: Once you've painted the pictures tell a pirate story about it

Now we're all set for a Pirate Party Package!  But wait now we need to add a Pirate Book! We selected Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC. but there are many others to choose from depending on age.   

Let's start by finding the perfect Pirate book!  Welllll maybe just a few.  I guess since I have two younger daughters we've stayed away from the pirate theme for awhile.  Tinkerbell has always been a big hit and Peter Pan just recently but now that Jack and the Neverland Pirates in one of my daughter's favorite shows.  Here's a great resource for Jack and the Neverland Pirates . We're now all about Pirates now at our house!  Here are some books we've discovered and enjoyed about Pirates, we even found a few with girl pirates!

  Pirate Themed Books

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Keep your eye out for the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Books coming out July 10
I spent time looking for books and didn't know they they weren't out yet, silly me.

Pirate Activities to Mail

Since we tend to favor one particular crew of pirates, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, we included them in our activities for my nephew.   I printed the Playset of Jack and the Neverland Characters and Pirate Alphabet Letter Cards for him to play with.  I also included links to make a Pirate Ship, Pirate Map, How to Talk Like a Pirate, Pirate Song

Jake and the Neverland Pirates for Games, Videos, Color Sheets from Disney Jr.

We sure hope our Pirate enjoys receiving a Pirate Package for his birthday.  This summer we've invited bloggers from all over to send LOVE BOOKS packages just like this or more handmade ones too.  They are simple and easy to do to keep our children READING all SUMMER. PLUS we'd love for you to join us on for first Summer Camp! One of our themes is PIRATES, it's a full week of Pirate Activities for you!  .....COMING SOON. 

 Looking for something special for the pirate in your life?
Pirate Toys and Party Supplies
I went window shopping for you and found items that will be a big hit for your Pirate!  

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