Ways to Say Thank You to a Teacher

We're quickly approaching the end of the school year!  As you, teachers, begin to finalize your records, work on portfolios, curriculum folders and final exams and grades our hope is that you will know that we see how much effort and time teaching takes. 

It's been a busy week with Teacher Appreciation.  Teachers we appreciate all that you do for our children.  We know that we can't say it enough but THANK YOU!  Schools everywhere took this week to say thank you to you and your profession.  It may be that you received thanks from your students, parents, PTA or PTO.  I know I've taught in a few schools where it was just my teammates, hospitality committee or principal that took the time to say thanks too.  You are planting the seeds of tomorrow each day you come to work and we can't thank you enough. 

Mudpies and Butterflies Take The Time to Thank a Teacher

Teachers and Parents we've inserted a few video clips for you to enjoy and know that we see you and recognize the amount of work and dedication it takes to remain in the classroom day after day teaching tomorrows future.  Hope you'll take the time to watch and share with others. 

You Have Made A Difference by Brian Asselin and Eric Disero

The Reason I Teach by  Jack Hartmann

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