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My husband is from India and we are always looking for books for our children to learn about India. We select books that discuss the land, landmarks, social life, festivals, language, religion, folktales and even clothing.  Anything that we can use to encourage our children to learn about their culture since we can't visit there all the time.  Of course nothing can replace an actual visit spending time in the daily life of a culture, especially in India. 

Here are a few shots of our every day experiences when we brought our daughter for the first time a few years ago for my sister in law's wedding.  She enjoyed a rickshaw ride, playing with the front gate and even learning to sweep with an indian broom.  We were lucky enough to go on a little trip to my husband's old private school which I shared with the kids in my lesson at school. 

This past month I had the chance to go into my daughter's classroom and teach about India.  This experience is something I highly recommend to anyone who's family background is from another country.  It was so much fun to share with the students and also helps them to discover something special about each other.  Plus in my situation it also helps to explain why parents and grandparents clothing might be different than other grandparents.  Look for that post to come next week!  Trust me you don't want to miss it! 

As I talked about India with the students I also shared personal photos of our family visiting the sites and landmarks we were sharing in the book.  It seemed to bring everything to life for the kids.  I know many of them even went home to share with their families what they had learned.  I also made a point to create a handout for them each time I visited so that they could share the new words and places they had learned about.  Plus it's a great way for parents to follow up at home.  

Here are some of the books that we've been enjoying in our house about India.  
  • Informational Books about India
  • Experiencing Daily Life in India

  • Learning about Clothing from India

  • Stories from India


  • Check out Meme Tales for some Indian Stories too. 

More to come: Let's Learn about India Series

Recipes, Landmarks, Clothing, Animals, Hindi, Music, Arts, Festivals! 

Here's our Indian Family Dinner with Recipes from Around the World in 12 Dishes.  Come join the fun and share your own experiences with foods and crafts from India with kids! 


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