Happy Fathers' Day!

Happy Fathers' Day

To all the Dad's out there who take time to snuggle up and read with your little ones, who build forts with them outside, who take time to talk with your kids, who rock them when they are sad and are willing to offer hugs and kisses when needed - Thank you.

We appreciate you!  Whether is a big family bar-b-cue, the gift you have been waiting for or a special trip, however your family celebrates this weekend, we hope that you feel loved!

Here at my house (Amanda's), we don't do any major celebrating for any holiday, rather just enjoy the people we love with small home-made gifts. We feel very fortunate to have a hands-on dad at home.  He may not be a very good cook or even O.K. at grocery shopping, but he is really an awesome dad who listens to the kids, spends time as a family, plays games, builds things with the kids, teaches them about the world, takes the kids on bike rides and much more!!!
Our goal for Fathers' Day is to try and let Papa sleep in past 7:00 (my kids are very early risers and this will be sleeping in!) and will make him a small breakfast followed by the grilling of some big steaks for lunch!  My kids filled out some questioners about their dad (I looked at 4 different ones and combined the parts I liked from each one) and drew some pictures for him.  We will also make a point to tell him at least 100 times on Fathers' Day that he is BRILLIANT!  Thanks to one of my 5 year old's favorite Dad books, this saying has stuck =)

Besides, when you are 10 feet 6 inches tall and only 15 pounds, you must be brilliant!!!!

Need any last minute gift ideas for the Dad's in your life? Check out these cute crafts!

DIY Papasaurus Tshirt - by Amanda @The Educators' Spin On It

I'm as lucky as I can be, the best Daddy in the world belongs to me - Craft by The Hand Made Home

I Love you THIS much!  - Handprint card by A Day in My Life

A collection of 14 Handprint and Footprint Art ideas,  - Artwork, cards, or T-shirt ideas collected by Handprint and Footprint Art
and this one is a favorite, because your littles can do most of it independently! 

Crayon Resist I Love My Dad painting - Art by 3 Boys and a Dog

How will your family celebrate Fathers' Day?


JDaniel4's Mom said...

Dad sounds very tall and skinny! I hope he has a wonderful Father's Day.

OneMommy said...

Love the questionaire! What a wonderful idea to look back on as the kids get older and wiser. :)

Sharing with my readers this week ~

Sandra Owens said...

Dads are precious gifts God gave me, a daddy's girl. So I always give some gift and a card with special fathers day messages to that every fathers day to let him know how happy I am to have him. Happy Father's day to all wonderful dads around the world!

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