Making Greeting Cards for Small Hands Creating Hope:

When our loved ones are diagnosed with cancer and are undergoing treatments, we look for ways to reach out to help them as much as possible.   Sending a message of hope is sometimes the best medicine we can give.  Sending personalized greeting cards to them is one of the easiest ways to connect with someone as they are going through treatments.  There’s something in the healing power of your spirit to read card after card knowing that someone is thinking of you as you are facing cancer.  My sweet uncle sent a card every day to my other uncle while he went through treatments, it gave him something to look forward to tomorrow, a message of love, strength and hope! 
On a more personal note, cancer has touched many of my family members and friends.  I have lost my grandfather to lung cancer and my other grandfather to prostate cancer, a brilliant friend to brain cancer, and a dear friend who lost her 3 year old son to cancer.  Through my tears and sadness, I’ve also watched some very brave teaching friends and my best friend’s mom become survivors of breast cancer.  I watched my uncle survive throat cancer, my grandmother survive colon cancer and my close friend and mom have skin cancer removed multiple times.  I’ve watched two close friend’s husbands go through treatments for colon and liver cancer one is in remission and the other still fighting incredibly hard.   Our loved ones fighting and surviving every day! There is hope and we’re creating it day by day! 

Here’s a project that has helped our local community of moms to give support and love to cancer patients as we foster hope.  As a mom's group we all have stories of loved ones whose lives have changed forever because of cancer and are looking for ways to reach out to help others on a local level who are going through cancer treatments.  We’ve connected with the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge, a facility for adult patients and ther caregivers.  We’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at our local Hope Lodge by making meals for them using their amazing kitchens and facility.  We've had some Mom's Night Outs and Playdates with our kids to create cards to send to their patients welcoming them to our community.  Here's a great way to reach out and help those around you, it's an experience you will never forget! 

Here’s some info about the Hope Lodge
Getting the right cancer care sometimes means traveling away from home, often to a cancer treatment facility in another city. The Hope Lodge provides temporary residence for patients who travel to area cancer treatment centers for daily outpatient treatment. At the Hope Lodge, cancer patients receive support from professionals, families, friends and other patients to help build the hope needed for their personal battle against cancer.  Currently there are 31 Hope Lodge Facilities available in the US that are funded by donations to the American Cancer Society, through donations and projects just like Small Hands Creating Hope project. 

Welcome to the Small Hands Creating Hope project!

We are so excited to be a part of this wonderful fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, and to be working with an incredibly talented group of bloggers who focus on creative and thoughtful activities for kids! Each of us has worked with our children, students or in our case even parents to create a craft that could be made by or for someone facing cancer. The projects in this book are stunning, and several include tutorials so that you can use to recreate the crafts at home with your own children or students!

Both of my children created this special greeting card for the Small Hands Creating Hope project.  This is an idea of a card that you can easily create for a loved one who's going through cancer treatment or for patients staying at the Hope Lodge.  A full tutorial for our Greeting Card Project is included in the Small Hands Creating Hope Book.

Here’s a peek at what we created…

We are sending the ebook version of this book out to anyone who donates at least $15 to the American Cancer society. An email with the download link, as well as a second link that allows you to purchase a hard copy of the book for an additional $10.52 will be sent once we receive your donation. If you donate but do not receive this email for any reason, or if you have trouble with the download, email smallhandsproject at gmail dot com.The button below will take you directly to the our team page at the American Cancer Society, where you can make your donation.

Donate to the American Cancer Society

MaryAnne at Mama Smiles compiled this book as a way of celebrating thirty years of cancer survivorship. We are hoping to raise $3000 by July 4th. We are running a blog hop to celebrate and raise funds so that, in the future, thirty years of cancer survivorship will be the norm, not the exception! Learn about each of the bloggers who participated in the book by visiting each blog on their assigned dates – some of the bloggers are running celebratory giveaways, too!
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Small Hands Creating Hope
Thank you for your support!
Let’s start this summer by following the American Cancer Society's Advice on
 Be Safe In the Sun , especially with our children! 

Small Hands Creating Hope Project with Kids

We invite you to stop by our Parenting with Purpose post about Why to Encourage your child to be a part of a Project like this . Creating Hope with Kids  


MaryAnne K said...

Your cards are lovely, and I'm so glad you are highlighting Hope Lodge - what an amazing resource provided by the American Cancer Society!

Amanda said...

What an awesome group to be part of. Your project is just adorable KIM!

Debs- Learn with Play @ home said...

Such a cute project and such a worthwhile cause :)

Carolyn Wilhelm said...

What a wonderful post with so much kind and thoughtful information included. Thank you for explaining this so well. You card project idea is easy to replicate and will help others know what to do in a difficult time! Carolyn

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