Painting with Spices - a great sibling activity

It has been done.  Many times, many ways...
Here are just a few!

But have you done it?  Painting with spices that is?  If not, it is time to shake those spices out of your pantries and put them to work today... in your kids artwork that is!  Remember it is SUMMER - time for fun projects and making memories.  I know that spices cost a fortune (just use the ones that are old or have been sitting unused, not your favorites)  just take the leap!  Besides, after gluing / painting with spices, I was suprised with how little we actually used.
 I picked out 4 different spices that I don't use much and had way too much of in my pantry, handed the kids a piece of tagboard and a glue bottle each and said, "Have FUN!"  They looked at me with confusion, so I explained that today we were going to do something different - paint with spices.  They would need to put glue on, then shake their spices on top of the glue.  Ahhh.  They got it that time and off they went.  My 2 year old went for the shaken version, while my 5 year old really smelled and thought about the textures of each spice. 

Their pictures turned out looking and smelling amazing. 

So what are you waiting for? Go grab some spices and get gluing!!!!


  1. What a neat idea! I just threw away a bunch of old spices too :( It's also a great way for kids to learn about the different tastes and textures of spices. I'd love if you'd link this post up to Food Adventure Friday.

  2. You know what, we've never done this and with the glitter obsession that we have, this sounds perfect! Although, I have one little one that is extra senstive when it comes to smells...hmmm. I'll have to pick mindly scented spices. Thanks for sharing!


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