Summer Activity - Sidewalk Paint, a great sibling activity

Summer is a great time for trying out new experiences.  My daughter received a Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk paint set as a birthday present a while back and we thought that now was a great time to try it out!

I have to admit that I usually just buy the basic art supplies and try to re-use the things we have at home for crafting, but it is OH SO MUCH FUN to get things for birthdays or holidays that help our family create memories!  If you are ever at the store looking for a present, unique crafting experiences may be just the thing your are looking for.  If you already have an art kid (it doesn't have to be sidewalk paint) now is the time to open it and experience it.  These kits are not any fun just sitting in the box!!!

 My kids love painting AND sidewalk chalk, so this project was right up their alley!  We started off with the rollers, but when I realized they soaked up the paint FAST, I encouraged them to try the brushes too.  My tot enjoyed the rolling too much.  I ended up just making a whole bunch of paint piles on the driveway and he rolled them out.  My 5 year old wanted to "paint a picture" and got a little frustrated when it took so long to just make a circle (these paints are more for abstract art!) 

 When she saw her little brother let loose a little with the painting, she relaxed her expectations of what it should look like and just dove in.  LITERALLY.  She had paint everywhere! Their hands, feet and clothes probably had more of the paint than the actual driveway!!!
 Since we ran out of paint after about 40 minutes, it was time to bring out the 3D goggles that came with the kit.  I put them on and it seemed like it made the orange POP and gave it a cool effect.  My daughter tried them on and said she didn't see anything different. (She has some vision issues and we don't know how much 3D she really sees)  My 2 year old tried to put on the glasses, but they just kept slipping off.  He kept putting them back on until the glasses, his hair, and his face were full of paint.  Whoops!  Do you think he would let ME help?  Nope! 

So what is a mom to do with 2 kiddos covered in paint???  Let them run, fully clothed, through the sprinkler.  They thought this was a fantastic treat and spent another hour running through the water! 

So what do you have sitting in your closets unopened? 
 Break it out! 
Have some fun!
Make some memories today!

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