Welcome Summer!

Summer is officially here!

Are you looking for summer resources for your kids, we'd love to help you out. We've been pinning so many fun activities for your family on our Summer Pinterest Board. Come check it out & Follow!  

Resources for Summer Activities and Fun
Most importantly remember to enjoy the MOMENTS of Childhood

Share your OWN Summer Activities on our {PLAY  LEARN  MAKE  DO} Summer Bucket List


  1. What a great list of resources to keep the kids busy and happy during the summer!

    1. Thanks Rebekah, even I have to be reminded to work with my little ones each day just a little bit to keep them learning and engaged all summer long.

  2. Great list of ideas!! thanks so much for including ours!

    1. Thank you for sharing your Summer Bucket List! 25 Free Activities is always a good thing, sometimes the best things in life are actually free in chiildhood. We're big fans of your site, thank you so much for all the effort you put forth for your site.


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