How Do You Get Kids to Try New Foods?

Here are a few quick ways to encourage your child to try something new at the dinner table!
  • Involve your child in the cooking process
  • Look up recipes together
  • Make a list of ingredients for the store
  • Encourage your child to help you find items at the store from your list
  • Make a game or book about the food groups
  • Create hands on experiences with cooking
  • Find out where the recipe comes from with your child on a map 
  • Garden with your child
  • Read books about Cooking and Food
  • Follow our Little Hands that Cook with Books Series

We have many ideas for your in our Little Hands that Cook with Books Lessons on The Educators' Spin On It.  We encourage you to check out the following activities with your child.  They will encourage your child to learn about nutrition, encourage them to try new things and be a great cook in the kitchen with you! 

Resources for Teaching Children About Food & Nutrition

Learning to Identify Food Groups

Let's Eat a Rainbow Ideas from Little Hands that Cook with Books

Teach Children About Labels & Portions 

 Around the World in 12 Dishes

Kids in the Garden

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Using books to connect to cooking is such a great way to make it a fun experience and encourage children to try new things.  With all of our Little Hands that Cook with Books Lesson we incorperate a book into each lesson that relates to the them.  Here's a fun book called Ditto the Butterfly from Meme Tales, Ditto learns the importance of eating different foods.  In the story, Ditto learns to eat from different flowers, even though she only wants the buttercups. It's a story that teaches children the importance of eating a good diet and trying new foods.

Ditto the Butterfly
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Ditto the Butterfly

Ditto the Butterfly is a part of MemeTales Summer Readathon

Join Readathon 2012
Week 3 Character Building

Good Habits to Have
StickFiggy and the Piggy Monkey

Thank you, MeMetales, for giving us the opportunity to participate in such a great cause! For more information about Readathon 2012, please click here. #readforgood. MeMetales is donating one meal through the Food for Good program for EVERY person who registers. I hope you will consider joining us! 

Disclosure - We will be given free books in compensation for Readathon blog posts, but all opinions about Memetales are solely ours.

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