Looking at everyday tasks through an environmentally friendly lens

What does being green mean to us? 

Well, I asked my 5 year old this question this morning.  Although I know that she could list off to me the things that we do to be "Eco Friendly," I instead handed her the camera and asked her to SHOW me the things we do to be green.  She was SO excited for the challenge and got to work right away. It is exciting to look at everyday tasks through an environmentally friendly lens!  Here are some of the pictures she took.


It's Week 5 of MeMe Tales Readathon which is about the Earth and Being Green. If you have joined the readathon already great!  If not, the readathon gives you an opportunity to loan several books online for the week.  Each week, the free online books are centered around a given theme.   Today, we read the book "What Does it Mean to Be Green" after our photo walk.  We compared and contrasted the things we do at our house with the suggestions provided in the book.  My five year old and I had an amazing discussion afterwards about the ease and importance of being green.  We also brainstormed a list of ways that we could become even "greener" as a family.

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What Does It Me...
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Disclosure - We will be given free books in compensation for Readathon blog posts, but all opinions about Memetales are solely ours.


  1. I love that you gave her the camera and she was able to find all of these things. I'm so proud of your 5 year old and how much she already knows about living environmentally friendly! Keep up the great work Mama!

    1. Thanks Kim! We have talked a lot about it at our house =) Her picures were so much fun too look at and most were surprisingly in focus! It was nice that her school last year reinforced the same concepts too!


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