Love Books Summer Exchange: What Was in Your Book Box?

We've ALL sent our Summer Love Book Packages.  Did you see what everyone received in their BOXES?  We've shared a few books and activities on our site from the exchange. Now it's time for a few more great books and activities for your child from our exchanges. 
3 Readers shared Officer Buckle and Gloria with Adventures in Reading with Kids

3 Readers sent Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann to Adventures in Reading with Kids.  Here's a fun book to talk with your children about friendship, safety, and team work.  Adventures in Reading with Kids created this adorable safety banner with ideas for a safe summer.
Enchanted Homeschool shared Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping with  Creekside Learning

Enchanted Homeschool sent Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping by Peggy Parish and Lynn Sweat to Creekside Learning.  Who wouldn't want to create this adorable campfire and roast marshmallows on it.  Such a fun activity for any age!  Plus you have a great story prompt, go check it out! 
Domestic Goddesque shared The Worse Princess with  Here Come The Girls

Domestic Goddesque sent The Worse Princess by Sara Ogilvie to Here Come The Girls. This post has all sorts of adorable ideas on how to to create a shield, crown, castle, characters and even a dragon!    
Here Come The Girls sent Where's My Teddy to Domestic Goddesque

Here Come The Girls shared Where's My Teddy by Jez Alborough with Domestic Goddesque.  This is one of our favorite books, a true teddy bear lovers find.  Check out all the creative Teddy Bear Crafts that her daughters created and played with.  I think I can here the giggles all the way over here in the US from the UK. 

Ready to start your own Love Books Activities? Here are the books from Amazon!

For more Summer Love Books Exchange Ideas Click HERE .  You could spend all summer long reading with books and activities for your children when you follow the Summer LOVE BOOKS Exchange! 
A big thank you to:

Here Come The Girls, Domestic Goddesque , Adventures in Reading with Kids, Creekside Learning, Enchanted Homeschooland MORE for sharing your LOVE BOOKS Experience with us! Can't wait to see what the other PARTICIPANTS share NEXT!
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