Back to School Week - What Questions Should You Ask Your Child.

Amanda and I both sent our daughters back to school this week!  The girls just turned 6 this past month and are off to First Grade!  As they started back to school we both realized how much we want to know what's going on in their classrooms.  I know we're probably not the only parents who are thinking...
  • What are they learning about?
  • What types of stories are they reading? 
  • What level of books do they have access to?
  • How difficult are the math problems? 
  • Were they giving enough time to creatively write?
  • Are they discovering something new in science?
  • Did they play on the playground everyday?
  • Did they get to be creative in art and music?
  • Did they eat all their lunch?

And that question we all turn to as a parent...
  • Are they making any friends?
We're crossing our fingers and hoping that they both are amazing teachers who communicate well with parents and students and have a love of teaching.  However there are some things we plan to do each week at home to ensure they are reaching their fullest potentional this year. 

As we begin this school year we hope to share with you how our weeks are going each week with After School Express on Sundays.  We take what our children are learning in the classroom and work on bringing it to life at home.  We know that schools at times aren't able to provide all the learning opportunities a child needs so we are building up resources so that we can provide enrichment for our children in our home and community.  We're building opportunities for learning that are...
  • Hands On
  • Creative
  • Real World
  • Engaging
  • Challenging
  • Adventurous
  • Rewarding
with the goal of creating Higher Level Thinkers and a Love of Learning! We'll share more tips in the After School Community on Google + JOIN US! .  Plus we'll have a After School Pinterest Board to feature all these activities from The Educators' Spin On It and some of our favorite Kid Bloggers 

We'd love for you to join us on this After School Journey of Enrichment.  We believe that Parents are a Child's First Teacher.  This week we invite you to share about your First Week at School.  Since many schools start on different schedules we'll leave this link open for longer than normal.  Throughout the school year the After School Express Party Opens on Sundays and closes on Saturday nights. {UPDATE MONDAY PARTIES NOW!} Please come back each week and share your after school activities.  We can't wait to see how your First Week of School went. 

Leave a comment below of TOPICS you'd like to see us 
share on After School Express!


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Raising a Happy Child said...

Thanks for taking it on, ladies! Our school year starts this week and I will make sure to link up. I hope your girls will have great first grade.

Megan @ CoffeeCupsandCrayons said...

Awww! Cute pics! My oldest started first grade this week too! I can't wait to see all the things you'll be doing in Afterschool Express! Sounds like fun!

Rebecca English said...

This is a great idea for a linky. Molly starts on Wednesday so I'll be back to link.up!

Thanks for linking it to the Sunday showcase.

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