Preschool Writing Activities Inspired by LEGO DUPLO

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WOW - I just realized how many crazy LEGO learning ideas I have in my head right now.  It doesn't help that my 2.5 year old is in love with the Duplo set we gave him for his 2nd birthday and the fact that Kim has lent us her adorable Duplo table, so our LEGOS are out front and center.  Add that to the fact that I was selected for the Build and Read House party and you have inspiration central! I also really like how they are using their power over our little people to inspire early literacy!  Their new build and learn kits are very neat! To see my first post with links to a FREE learning printable packet click here!

Preschool learning activities inspired by DUPLO

So there are some AMAZING ideas on Pinterest now days that use LEGOs for learning and partying.  I have to admit that I just used some of them =)  They are just too cute not too!  But then, I see something and am inspired. 

DIY LEGO Writing Journals: 

Like making LEGO journals or books for each of the kids to make and take home.  I saw this Pin about invitations  from an amazing LEGO birthday party and thought - "this is so simple and sweet, my kids could even help make this." Then I thought, "but I don't need invites.  

Viola!  I made a set of LEGO journals or books (however you end up using them) for the kids. 

1. I cut 2 pieces of construction paper and 5 sheets of white computer paper into fourths
2. Then I sandwiched a stack of 5 white rectangles between 2 colored papers and stapled on one side. (Do this 4 times)
3. Cut a bunch of small circles using another piece of matching construction paper.
4. Glue 6 circles to the front like a LEGO (similar to the invites!)
5. Admire your work!
6. Share with the kiddos you love!

DIY LEGO inspired journal for preschoolers

What is awesome about these little books is that they are easy to make and can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • A build and draw your creation journal
  • A storybook using the characters from your Duplo Kits
  • A word book (draw a picture and write the word underneath)
  • A sticker book 
  • A Lego math book (again, see all the Pinterest ideas and you can adapt them into this little book!)
Or this one!  I saw this Pin about a mural as a backdrop which is actually a creation of Anders Ruff Custom Designs from an Out of this WORLD LEGO Party.  I am not that talented, but thought, "Hey, a simple version of this idea with words on it connected to our book theme and a set of dot-markers would make a great art station for our Busy Farm Duplo Playdate."  So I admit that mine isn't half as cute as theirs, but the kids didn't mind one bit! My cost = $ 0.22 + a little time.

Make your own LEGO themed mural

Or when I looked at this Pin and this Pin of a LEGO crown from delia creates amazing LEGO birthday post! I immediately thought of this... a construction paper LEGO character headband for all the littles coming to our LEGO playdate!  Budget friendly, time friendly, and CUTE!  The kids LOVED it!!! So far, I haven't seen anything like it on Pinterest, so I think it just may be my own creation!!!! 

DIY LEGO headband

Buying LEGO Duplos:

When purchasing your LEGO Duplo Bricks, all you really need is a large container of bricks. We have found just one 31 piece set is not enough bricks for one child to build with (and I have three!)  We bought a large set and 2 extra boxes to extend the play. Most Duplo's are recommended for children ages 1 1/2 - 5. To keep costs low, watch for them at garage sales, thrift stores, and even your local for-sale-or-trade groups.  We were able to double are collection at a fraction of the cost.


Have you been inspired by any of the LEGO pins?  IF so, what have you made???

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Trisha @ Inspiration Laboratories said...

Sounds like a great party! You have lots of fun Lego ideas. Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase. :)

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

This is such a fun playdate idea!!! Thanks for sharing with us. I've featured it this week on the sunday showcase said...

My son loves the lego read and share sets. You have shared such fun ideas for a party.

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