Thank you for your VOTE!

Sometimes you realize it's the little things that make you smile. 

Confession husband was so very sweet and nominated our blog on the Circle of Moms Top 25 Teacher Mom Sites.  It really surprised me and just made me smiles for days.  It's amazing how different you feel when someone validates what you've been working so very hard on.  Truthfully, I've been noticing more and more that he's been liking some of our blog posts on facebook and it simply makes my day that he's taking time to check in and see what his children and wife are doing throughout the day and that he values me as a Teacher and as a Mom. 

What does your Husband do that makes you feel special as a Mom?

If you get a chance we would love for you to VOTE for us on the Circle of Mom's Top 25 Teacher Mom Sites.  You'll notice while looking over the list of nominated sites, many of our favorite sites are on there too.  Keep track because this seems like it will be a great reference list to use as we all get ready to go back to school. 

Thank you so much to our readers for your support! You truly are the best!  Don't forget you can VOTE once daily until August 9, 2012!   



  1. Best of luck! I just voted for your excellent blog.

  2. awww... that's so sweet of your husband!!!


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