Top Ten Back to School Tips for Home and School

Back to School is one of my most favorite times of year!  It's the excitement of building and bringing new community of students together to reach their goals for one whole year.  I know of many teachers that, for the past few weeks, have been getting ready for your child to come to school.  They've been planning out their year, designing their classrooms just for your child and mostly on their own personal time. 

Here are some things that over the years I've found a that help kids get ready for school from a teacher's point of view.  

10 Helpful Back to School Tips

At Home
  • Start going to bed early and waking up early at least a week before school starts to help transition into a great morning routine.
  • Discuss your morning routine with your child to make it go smoothly each day. 
  • Set up a plan for how your child selects their clothes for school.
  • Label with permanent marker their backpack, lunchbox and jackets and sweaters.
  • Make a designated place for backpack , lunchbox and school papers.
  • Read books about school. (Don't forget those summer reading  assignments) 
  • Get your school supply list from the front office and shop early.
  • Buy extra supplies to stock your house for homework and crafts or for a new teacher box.
  • Create a Homework Area and Homework Routine for your child 
  • Make and Read the First Day of School Magic Dust Poem to help with any anxieties about the first day of school.

At School
  • Go to Meet the Teacher and build a connection with the teacher and classmates.
  • Offer to do things at home for teacher, like cutting things out.
  • Find out how you can donate time or items to your child's classroom or a new teacher's classroom.
  • Fill out the Volunteer Forms as soon as possible.
  • Join the PTA.
  • Visit the school's Website or Facebook Page often
  • Read and Fill out promptly all the forms and papers that come home. 
  • Create a Special Gift for your child's Teacher for the first day
  • Get to know the Core Standards for your child's grade, learning begins at home!   
  • Attend Open House Night.  Have a few questions ready to ask.   
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Our goal is for this to be one of the most exciting times of the year for students.  Let's encourage our children to recognize the gift of education in their lives and create a love of learning.  
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viviankirkfield said...

I can't believe there are no comments on this stellar post!
Educators Spin On It is a fantastic blog...and I love your post...awesome tips for parents and kids. I will be linking up with this post and spreading the word about it. :)
On my blog, we are donating a dozen copies of a great parenting/teaching resource...if you leave a comment nominating your favorite school/classroom/homeschool, they might be one of the lucky winners.
Thanks for a post that will help many parents!

Raising a Happy Child said...

A lot of good ideas here. I can tell that your children have very engaged parents :) Good luck on the first day of school!

Rachel said...

AWESOME IDEAS, Found your blog through
JDaniels4mom's and am now following you, would you mind visiting my blog and following me too?:)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your clothing system. I have just been laying his clothes out. This would sure save me time. Thank you for linking to my Back to School Traditions link up.

Growing Book by Book said...

I love the clothing system too! I had a friend whose daughter only wanted to wear skirts everyday. By planning out the outfits she got to pick a skirt one day, pants another, etc. She knew that only 1 or 2 days a week could be skirt days!

Jacquie Fisher said...

Love your tip to buy extra supplies - we always seem to run out of notecards so I bought 7 packs this year :) And so important to plan the outfits out the day before or all at once - great tip! Thanks for organizing the Back to School linky for us!

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